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"There are two forces of evil in the world: Big Government and Big Islam. You cannot call yourself a true libertarian if you only understand half the equation." -- Eric Dondero, Senior Aide, US Cong. Ron Paul (1997-2003)

What's a Libertarian Republican?

Libertarian Republicans are libertarians who believe in working within the Republican Party to advance the agenda of liberty. Many libertarian Republicans are former member of the Libertarian Party who have left to join the GOP. Others keep their current affiliation with the Libertarian Party while still participating in Republican politics, as well. Still others are lifelong Republicans who have always felt a kinship to the libertarian movement, and libertarian beliefs. Most libertarian Republicans are active to some degree with the Republican Liberty Caucus, which represents the libertarian wing of the GOP.

Libertarian Republican Beliefs:

Less Taxes!, Cut Spending, Deregulation, Privatization, Protect Property Rights, Energy Independence, School Choice, Repeal Affirmative Action, Say No to the Nanny-State, End Victimless Crime Laws, Oppose Political Correctness, Protect our Gun Rights, Secure our Borders, Strong Military, & Support our Troops!

Authors and Contributors:

Publisher/Editor - Eric Dondero. Senior Editor - Clifford Thies. Writers -Steve Maloney (PA), Ryan Christiano (NJ), Jim Lagnese (AZ), Dan Sheill (MI), Micheal W. Dean (WY), Tim Daniel (CA), & James Fryar (Australia). Guest Contributors - Paul Jacob, Dave Nalle, R.S. McCain, Steve Beren, John Hawkins, Matthew Avitabile, Dan Mitchell, & Wayne Root. Submissions are welcomed. Anyone is permitted to post in Comment section, friend or foe. We ask only that you include your name or initials, with your town and state. Please no Anonymous postings!


We've been around since 2005. (Formerly MainstreamLibertarian.com which evolved out of the 2004 Libertarians for Bush effort.) Since that time we've broken major political stories, and scooped other sites on candidate announcements, election results, and even politician scandals. Our biggest coup with which we've been credited, was breaking the David Kernell - Sarah Palin email hacking story in Sept. 2008. We were also out front on the many Ron Paul stories during the GOP primaries 2008. More recently, we were one of the 1st on the DHS "Rightwing extremist" story, the 1st American site to report on the growing War on the Kenya-Somalia border with Muslim radicals., and were 1 of a handful to break the Chrysler GOP owned dealers story. We've been linked from CNN over 20 times, RedState, Powerline, InstaPundit, National Review, American Spectator, Gateway Pundit, LGF, RightWingNews, TNR, HuffPo & Salon.com.

"I still don't understand why anyone cares about this Dondero Guy: He's a sparrow fart in a hurricane" -- Ron Paulist commenter

Comments About Libertarian Republican:

"Nice site. Thanks for using and giving me credit for my term--'republitarian'. Much continued success. Give 'em steel!" - Larry Elder, Radio Talk Show Host, Los Angeles

LR has been a great resource for me and is a daily or every other day stop for me. Thanks for all the hard work put into this site. -- Papa Giorgino

"Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican... Though not a libertarian myself, Eric has quite a site. Check it out. " -- John J. - Rightlinx.com 12-10-06

"Simply the best political blog on the Web" -- Ryan Christiano, fmr. Campaign Staffer, John McCain for President

"Libertarian Republican has a great blog here." -- Ted Mathis, Blogger, San Antionio, TX

Libertarian Republican is a "new media Warrior..." on investigating Democrat corruption - RedState.com, 05-27-09

Libertarian Republican's Publisher-Editor Eric Dondero and Senior Editor Clifford Thies represent the future of the Republican Party. -- Ran, Si Vas Pacem

Dondero... "Love him or hate him, he's the Perez Hilton of libertarian politics" -- Angela Keaton, antiwar.com

Comments on LR Publisher Eric Dondero:

"Eric, your enthusiasm for liberty is infectious. Stay that way. Your help is deeply appreciated." -- US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

"More than ever, I guess I am an Eric Dondero Libertarian." - Tony Alback, Vermont, http://greenmnts.blogspot.com/

"Love him or hate him, you gotta admit, Eric Dondero is the Matt Drudge of Libertarian Politics." -- Bruce Cohen, Chairman, Orange County Libertarian Party

"Love him, hate him, don't lie to me you f*ck tard, you read Dondero. He's the Perez Hilton of libertarian politics." -- Angela Keaton, Libertarian Women's Forum

The people who actually work for Liberty are generally too busy with that to comment on blogs. Eric Dondero is an exception - he is just about the hardest working, most productive and most honorable petitioner... Say what you want about his blog but few can match what he has actually done in the streets to advance the cause of Liberty -- Sean Haugh, National Political Director, Libertarian Party

Dondero’s involvement is a positive for the LP…his politics can be pretty insane at times, but his petitioning is the best in the country. -- Jeff Wartman, Illinois Libertarian Party

"I'll take one Libertarian Activist like Eric Dondero who gets things done, over 100 Libertarian computer users who sit around and talk about doing things, any day of the week." Chuck Moulton, National Vice-Chairman, Libertarian Party

"Eric laid the groundwork for the organization and the activism we see coming together now. Eric was the quasar of libertarian Republicans. If there were ten activists with the panache, drive and dedication of Eric in every state, the political landscape would look radically different." -- Tom Walls, Atlantis, FL

"Eric Dondero is simply the most effective, reliable, and consistent Libertarian political petitioner in the country." Jake Witmer, Libertarian Party of Alaska

"I love libertarian republican blog"

From our readers:

Just wanted to thank you for this great blog, Libertarian Republican. It's like coming home. I think I linked through Little Green Footballs, but not exactly sure. You are on my daily bookmark must read list.

Here's to freedom!

John Hickey
Dublin, California

I love libertarian republican blog! I'm a former conservative Republican who switched to Libertarian in 2007. I voted McCain to vote anti-Obama.

Keep up the great blogging!

Zack Greiner
Medford MA (hopefully NH soon!)

I just wanted to let you know that I found my home when I found your blog. Keep up the great work.


Kevin Andrews
Small business owner
Tampa, FL

Hi Eric....I'm so glad I found your site. If you know any Libertarians in Buenos Aires, please let me know. -- Fred, Four Points blog, Argentina

Hey there - I've been following your blog of late and loving it -- Annie McPhee, Purely Politics blog

Eric, Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much I love your blog. I'm an every day visitor. -- Dave Jones, SouthernBread.org

Libertarian Republican "a blog that scrapes the bottom of the barrel of the rightwing noise machine" -- Glenn Greenwald, fmr Salon.com, now with the UK Guardian

Dondero / Libertarian Republican Haters:

"I still have no idea why anyone cares at all about this Eric Dondero guy. He's a sparrow-fart in a hurricane." -- Cowesly, Ron Paul Forums, 05/05/09

"Dondero, I tune in twice a day to see what anti-freedom fuckery you're up to." -- Knappster, 05/06/09

Libertarian Republican "a blog that scrapes the bottom of the barrell of the rightwing noise machine" - Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com, 2008