Sunday, March 30, 2014

Police deputies in Ohio shoot a man in the head killing him, for failure to recognize court order on concealed carry

A "unique individual... truly libertarian" 

From Eric Dondero: 

Democrats own virtually all public offices in northeastern Ohio. This is Cleveland, heart of the dying rust belt and whose residents are increasingly dependent on government welfare.  (Think: Dennis Kucinich, Obamaphone lady,

Some libertarians still live there. But as the following report notes, they are being increasingly threatened by local governments, and in one case, local law enforcement has even used lethal force against a non-compliant libertarian. 

From, "Middleburg Heights man killed by deputies described as sovereign citizen, filed lawsuits against government":
The man killed during a gunfight with sheriff's deputies at his Middleburg Heights home Tuesday had filed a slew of lawsuits against government agencies, identifying himself as a sovereign citizen, a movement in which U.S. citizens declare themselves above state and federal law. Israel Rondon, 65, had been convicted of carrying a concealed weapon in Summit County and of assaulting a police officer in Cuyahoga County. But he appealed the first conviction, arguing that his Second and 14th Amendment rights had been violated, according to court records. 
Rondon died of a gunshot wound to the head Tuesday afternoon outside his Sheldon Road home, according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner.
Ruby Ridge Redux?

"A lot of these guys aren't bad guys, but they really believe in this stuff," Giegerich said. Attorney Jeffrey James, who served as standby counsel for a case involving Rondon in Summit County, described him as "unique" and "a true libertarian." 
But James never felt Rondon was a violent person. "His views weren't always cogent, and they were somewhat convoluted," James said. "But did I feel threatened or did anyone in the court feel threatened? No. I never felt threatened by Israel. He was just an old man who had his views."
So, the guy was shot in the head for concealed carry, which in other States like Texas, is completely legal.

DISCLAIMER: We do not condone anyone going after police deputies with a gun for any reason. However, surely there was some other way to handle this, knowing of Mr. Rondon's political beliefs, without killing him.


aldoapp said...

Did you even read the article?

Eric Dondero said...

What's the matter, you don't have a real name? What's an "aldoapp"?

Kindly post here under your name, preferably with a photo and name of your town or state, or don't post at all.

Eric - The Management

aldoapp said...

You didn't answer the question.

Eric Dondero said...

Last chance:

full name and town, or your further comments will be deleted.

Eric Dondero said...

if you have a very small town, and do not wish to give us the name, fine.

Just give us the name of your state. That's good enough.

aldoapp said...

Have you read the article yet?

Gary said...

I guess there are not enough thugs and rapists roaming the streets. The cops need to hunt down average Americans.

aldoapp said...

Gary, that's not what happened. Read the article.

Mark McDonald said...

Rondon was sentenced to two years of probation. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Rondon used a rifle and opened fire on six deputies when they arrived at his home Tuesday intending to serve an arrest warrant related to a probation violation. Two deputies returned fire, with one striking Rondon in the head and killing him.

jimmyjones5 said...

Gotta love that Eric thinks the deputies should've come up with another way of dealing with a crazy guy that was shooting at them.