Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Democrat State Senator in Colorado fires gay staffer for hanging out with a Republican

Helps turn him into a "disenchanted Democrat" 

From Campus Reform, "Colorado Democrat fires gay aide allegedly for visiting Republican office":
Tyler Drum, a 21-year-old homosexual aide to Democrat state Senator Irene Aguilar (photo), was fired on the spot from his position in the Colorado Senate because he allegedly visited the office of a fellow college aide who happens to work for a Republican. Drum, a 2013 graduate of Colorado State University, told Campus Reform that Aguilar did not explain why he had been fired. 
“I thought this would happen on the Republican side, now I’m a disenchanted Democrat.” Tweet This “She just said leadership was uncomfortable with me befriending Republicans,” Drum said.
Drum, who is a registered Democrat, is disappointed in his firing. “I thought this would happen on the Republican side, now I’m a disenchanted Democrat,” he said.
Editor's comment - It actually should be happening on the Republican side of the aisle. Republican staffers, Republican whomever, should never associate with anyone who is a Democrat, including family members, for any reason whatsoever. 


  1. "You will only have the health insurance that WE approve, you will only have the friends that WE approve. Now get in line for your tattoo marking from the state."--Official Democrat communique
    Fucking worthless pigs.

  2. One of my best friends in college was a 5th generation Communist. It is silly not to talk to each other. That is simply good manners. Policy is another matter.

  3. Gary, Eric suggested spitting in the face of all democrats.

  4. And I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Jerry is lying about that being an official democrat communique.

  5. It's called "hyperbole". It makes a point about control.

  6. I don't know. I thought about spitting. But then, my mom wouldn't be nice at Christmas, jj. Idiot.

  7. Its not called hyperbole. When you quote something, and its not true, its called lying.

    Doom, you really need your mother to be nice to you. Lord knows its the only female contact you have all year.

  8. "Its not called hyperbole. When you quote something, and its not true, its called lying."

    I think the only one who thought that he was trying to pass this off as a genuine quote was you. Obviously it was hyperbole.

  9. This is all these pathetic twerps have. Jiminy can't help it.

    1. Any more than chuckles can help living in, and being the sewer rat that he is.

  10. You can't put hyperbole in quotes. That's eng 101. I realize that most posters here didn't get into college, but still.

  11. Jimmy, your use of the past tense is incorrect.

    Eric "suggested" should be changed to Eric "suggests..."

  12. Good one, jimmielester.

    Don't you go changin'. You're very easy to manipulate. A useful tool.


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