Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christie to be replaced as GOP frontrunner by hardliner ethics man from California


Rep. Darrell Issa is headed to New Hampshire next month to speak at a venue that has been a must-do appearance for presidential aspirants. The Vista Republican and chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will address a joint session of the Concord Republican City and Merrimack County committees at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Feb. 17. 
The appearance was announced by former Issa staffer Kurt Bardella, whose firm Endeavor Strategic Communications represents Issa’s political operation. He said the appearance does not mean Issa is testing the water for a presidential bid. 
“There is a broader conversation that has been going on and that the congressman has been a part of,” said Bardella. 
“Regardless of who the nominee is in 2016, the key is to have this conversation and for Mr. Issa to be a key part of it going forward.”
Editor's note - Issa is a multi-gazillionaire. He also happens to be a close friend and ally of fellow San Diegan, libertarian Republican Carl Demaio. And of course, he's got a handsome chiseled Italian-look, even though he's technically Lebanese Christian. Early libt. Repub line... we here in the libertarian wing are cool with Issa for Prez. Being from California a definite plus!


Chuck said...

I think George Pataki is a likely favorite.

KN@PPSTER said...

OK, I will make my first political prediction regarding 2016:

If both Issa and Christie enter the 2016 presidential race, Christie will beat Issa in every caucus/primary, and unless someone big, not yet thought to be in the race comes along, Christie will lead the pack and outpoll Issa by a full order of magnitude in both the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

Doom said...

I just don't trust Issa. His state, and the destruction of the Republican party there is part of it. He likes to grandstand, if I generally like his points I don't trust spokesmen. Seems too populist. Yeah, I'd give him a closer viewing though... just notes on the side. I'd have to review Pataki as well. I'm only so-so on him as well, if I remember correctly.

If they push Christie they will lose more than they have already lost. The Republican party is dying, hard. Americans have gotten more conservative in the last ten years, and become less Republican. And less Democrat. If they don't wake up they will wake up as parties of politicians, out of work politicians. I wouldn't mind that, though, so... I almost hope they go for it.

The bridgegate thing though? Yeah, that isn't what it seems. That was Christie getting it out of the way, with support and work on his part by the Republican party. A do or die thing, but then he won't have to deal with it later, not like a bombshell. That is why the press hadn't reported on it in spite of having known it for quite some time. And, yeah, he knew about it, probably ordered it. That is simply how politics works. All of them do it. All of them.

Chuck said...

It's funny how leftists always seem to know who the "best" republican candidate is before the election season ever gets started. Is it a coincidence that they're always closest to the democrat party in terms of policy?


Doom said...

Yeah, but Chuck... even so? They suck them in and up, a la McCain, then spit them out. One thing I do like is that they will, in the end, eat them alive after toying with them for a bit. By the way, looks like McCain is out of the race.

I would love to have seen the look on his face when he realized how jacked he had been and how disingenuous the whole thing made McCain seem. Then again, maybe not at all. He might well have known the deal, even been in on it. Hard to say for sure with RINO spoilers.

KN@PPSTER said...

"It's funny how leftists always seem to know who the 'best' republican candidate is before the election season ever gets started."

I went back to see if anyone in this article or thread was described any candidate as the "best."

Nobody did. So you seem to be talking to, um, yourself.

I don't have any opinion as to whether Christie, Issa or some other candidate is the "best" GOP candidate.

I do have an (informed) opinion that if both Christie and Issa enter the race, Christie will whip Issa's ass, no contest. There might be some other candidate who will whip Christie's ass, but Issa won't break the Iowa caucus or 2% in the New Hampshire primary.

If you'd like to put something of value at risk on the opposite prediction, I'll be happy to negotiate a bet. Otherwise, you're just leaking shit from your facehole. As usual.

KN@PPSTER said...

Corection. Meant to post:

"Issa won't break 5% in the Iowa caucus or 2% in the New Hampshire primary."

Eric Dondero said...

"leaking shit from your facehole."

Hmmn? Chuck, you gotta come up with a come back on that, or I'm declaring Knappster victor of this thread.

Rational Nation USA said...

"leaking shit from your facehole."

Damn straight KN@PPSTER. That is what chuckles, the King Sewer Rat does. All the time. Eh?

Chuck said...

When certain people take offense, this signals the truth has been spoken. What's funny is that what I wrote didn't have anything to do with knipper or anyone else posting here. It was simply an observation. In hindsight, it wasn't particularly germane, but then knipper and that pathetic toadstool jimmielester went and made it so retroactively.

Leftists are reliable. Never honest, but always reliable.

Rational Nation USA said...

Consevatives/libertarians of the sewer, those like chuckles specifically, are very reliable and always speak with forked tongue.

But it is not their fault, they're pathological, they simply cannot help themselves.