Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Republican crushes Democrat opponent in Milwaukee suburbs special election for WI State Assembly

Outreach Dir. for Hispanics for School Choice

From Eric Dondero: 

There was an election yesterday in Wisconsin. Who knew? And the Party of Lincoln prevailed handily. From the Milwaukee JournalSentinel, "Republican Jessie Rodriguez elected to Assembly for 21st District":
Republican Jessie Rodriguez defeated Democrat Elizabeth Coppola on Tuesday in a special election for the 21st District Assembly seat vacated by former Rep. Mark Honadel (R-South Milwaukee). 
Rodriguez, outreach coordinator for Hispanics for School Choice, received 4,546 votes, and Coppola, a United Way fundraiser and former member of Milwaukee's Social Development Commission, received 3,520, according to preliminary results. Rodriguez will replace Honadel, who held the seat for a decade before his resignation in September. 
Rodriguez has lived in the area for a decade. She is married to Aaron Rodriguez, who writes a blog for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and is a Franklin resident. She immigrated to the United States from El Salvador with her family as a child and is a 2002 graduate of Marquette University. 
The race drew more than $100,000 in independent expenditures by special-interest groups, big-name political endorsements and attention from party activists.
Editor's note - A sign of backlash to Common Core?

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jgeleff said...

She's cute!! I'd vote for her based on that alone.