Sunday, October 20, 2013

Who is Vance McAllister, and why should you care?

From Eric Dondero:

Whoa! This guy will blow you the fuck away. How 'bout that header, "Fight Big Government." Vance McAlllister came in first place out of a very crowded field of 14 vying for an open congressional seat in central Louisiana (Monroe) yesterday. The seat was opened by a retirement of a longtime Republican congressman. 

Vance has the endorsement of Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame. (A hint perhaps, that the Dynasty guys are getting increasingly involved in politics?) 

We learn, he's a Vet. And another tidbit that will warm the hearts of all libertarians; Vance is not a fan of the Internal Revenue Service. 

From his campaign website:
As a veteran and a father, Vance is concerned about our country’s future and he knows how government red tape and bureaucracy hurt small business and workers. In Congress, Vance will fight to turn the economy around by repealing ObamaCare, investigating the IRS, and stopping the march of big government into our lives.

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