Sunday, October 13, 2013

EBT outage in 17 states: "Ni*gas being going crazy or some shi*t"

WARNING: Extremely graphic language. 'N' word alert.

From Eric Dondero: 

Twitter and YouTube fired up late last night over the nationwide EBT outages, which occurred in at least 17 states from California to Louisiana to Connecticut. Stories of fights at Walmarts. People going to Twitter to post their disbelief that their cards don't work. Others wondering how they will feed their kids now without government assistance. 

Here's one reaction. The gentleman is refreshingly blunt:
I thought the government was the best place to work. EBT is the death of all niggas, and people who use them and all that shit. I don't know. I don't use 'em. Don't have any friends that use 'em. One day I might use 'em. I don't give a fuck. 
I might go out and get all these ho's pregnant, get on section 8, and get me an EBT card. That's the American way. 
People gonna start killing themselves. Kids are gonna be starving.
(Emphasis added.)

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