Sunday, October 27, 2013

CZECH ELECTION: Some lamestream media figure it out

BBC first to realize Social Democrats didn't actually win Czech election; 2nd place finisher Andrej and ANO biggest winners of the night? 

by Clifford F. Thies 

For the past several weeks, the lamestream media has been mesmerized with what they were calling the swing to the left in the Czech Republic. Social Democrats were going to form a government with the support of the Communists, they said. 

While only we, at L-R, in our monitoring of elections around the world, considered the possibility that the center-right, going into the election fractured by scandal, might coalesce around the parties that showed themselves capable of entering parliament.
In the run-up to the election, we saw reports from Reuters, Bloomberg, the New York Times, ABC News and others, to the effect that the Social Democrats were on line to win. 

Then, as the votes were being tabulated yesterday, further reports to the same effect. It was only late in the afternoon, EST, after the leader of the Social Democrats expressed disappointment in his party's showing, that the lamestream'ers started to catch on, BBC being the first, and others subsequently joining in. 

In a proportional representation election, the party that finishes in first place isn't necessarily the winning party. You have to look at how potential coalition partners are doing. This is why, as the results were being tabulated, we checked the raw data as reported in the Czech Republic, instead of relying on the lamestream'ers to filter the data. Today, we see that the Social Democrats have begun their search for a partner by meeting with the Communists. 

We suspect that the Social Democrats will try to hide the stink of the Communists by seeing if they will agree to support but not formally be a part of a government headed by them. Then, what will they do? Will they ask ANO to join? Or, Dawn of a Direct Democracy AND the Christian Democrats? (One of the two latter parties would not be sufficient.) 

In the meanwhile, Andrej Babiš, the businessman-turned-politician who is the leader of ANO, is reported as saying, "If we are approached, we will negotiate." This fellow cannot be such a fool that he doesn't see the possibility of forging a four-party majority government from among ANO, TOP09, the Civic Democrats and Christian Democrats. The only one of these three potential partners who might pose a problem - and we don't think it would be a big problem - are the Christian Democrats, as they are social conservatives, and the other three economic conservatives (or market-liberals or, dare I say it, libertarians).


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