Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wilmington Police Chief Christine Dunning: Tag team rape of two white women by gang of 12 black youth, "not a brutal crime" at all, the victims only had minor scratches and bruises
"People think [the rapes] were brutal attacks, and they were not" 

From Eric Dondero: 

The spin is on. All the local media in the metro-Philly/Wilmington area are downgrading the assault by a black gang of 10 to 12 youth in Kosciuszko Park, to a simple crime involving 2 of the men. And now no mention of the race of the suspects, nor of the victims in any of the reports. 

Even worse, Wilmington Police Chief Christine Dunning (flanked by Wilmington's mayor), made shockling statements in a press conference yesterday, suggesting that the rapes were really not brutal, because the victims only received minor cuts and bruises. She was flanked by 

Here are her quotes, reported by early this morning, "Police: One or two teens raped women in park":
“This was not a gang rape,” Wilmington Police Chief Christine Dunning said in an interview after the meeting. The incident widely “was mischaracterized” by the media as a “gang rape,” she said. 
“People think it was some really brutal attack and it was not,” Dunning said, adding that the victims had only cuts, scratches and bruises, but were not beaten. (Emphasis added.)
One commenter responded:
Lee Fox Is Chief Dunning serious? A rape is not a brutal attack?
The media is also to spin it as a "community involvement" issue, deflecting from the clear racial angle of the attacks.
Several residents and elected officials called for community cooperation to solve not only Thursday’s rapes, but also problems from drug dealers loitering in city parks to persistent trash in several areas. 
They also discussed some programs that are engaging city youth, but Walker said that, if Hedgeville cannot get its own community center or at least a gym, existing efforts need to be coordinated.


texaslittleel said...

Again, you jump the gun DONDERO.

It appears, now that new information is coming out, is that the two women were sexually assaulted "Felt up and molested" but no penetration occurred which is the definition of RAPE.

A criminal offense defined in most states as forcible sexual relations with a person against that person's will.

And that it may have been only two of the black men that actually did the sexual assault, the others were just in the area. ie, it is 7pm and they were just hangin' This wasn't 2 am and they were all up to no good.

Yes, the two women were sexually assaulted. Yes, I would gladly kick the asses of some punk that thinks its okay to feel up my wife, sisters or daughters.

NO, this wasn't a rape and you sensationalizing it is typical DONDERO bigotry

Eric Dondero said...

And your sources are of course, the DEMOCRAT police chief in Wilmington who works for the BLACK DEMOCRAT mayor of Wilmington, who answers to the ANTI-WHITE AMERICAN ULTRA-LIBERAL PHILLY/DELAWARE MEDIA COMPLEX.

Yupper. Thanks for clearing that all up for us.

Eric Dondero said...

BTW, your facts are wrong. For the first time this morning some Philly media are calling it a "rape," whereas before they were saying just an "assault."

Eric Dondero said...

"some punk"? Try some black punk.

This was a HATE CRIME.

Do you honestly think twelve black teens from inner-city Wilmington would rape two black women sitting on a park bench?


Moreover, whites are seen as easy targets because they're too scared to report it as a hate crime.

Eric Dondero said...

Looking for bigotry? Try the black community, and the black mayor and elected officials in Wilmington who are trying to dismiss this as no big deal, because it was BLACK ON WHITE CRIME.

There's your racism right there.

texaslittleel said...

Oh, there we go.... THE DONDERO is the well informed DONDERO has all the facts.

If you will notice I said, "it appears....." "May have been..."

You see you condescending POS, I don't know....Neither do you, ASSHOLE.

Until the two women file a formal complaint do we have even one side of the story.

Right now you bigoted FUCK, you have no clue what it actually was, and your constant use of BLACK not as an adjective to describe their skin color but as a content of their character ie "THEY WERE BLACK, nuff said" is why you are such a lowly maggot and will never amount for much in your life.

You had 15 mins of fame being RP's car driver and you think that makes you something.

Ron Paul has made some mistakes THE DONDERO, you just happen to be one of them.

Until all the facts are in, you just like before in the Lane case and again in the Belton killing haven't all the fact.....Again, typical DONDERO journalism 101, jump to conclusions then never tell the truth when it comes out.

jimmyjones5 said...

You are an absolute fucking idiot Eric. Again, for the millionth time, just because the victim of a crime is a different race than the perpetrator does not make it a hate crime. You uneducated ingorant hick. Maybe you should have taken advantage of the GI Bill while you were sucking off the government teat all those years ago?

FINCHNEST13 said...

Since the story is in the news, one could assume that the women have "filed a formal complaint" since it's doubtful that the media just guessed and came up with this story or that the police pulled out a crystal ball and saw the attack in it.

Not a hate crime? Logic would tell anyone that there were undoubtedly black women in the park, too, so if these little black misguided youth wanted to find a female to feel up, but had no racial motivation behind wanting to scare and humiliate some woman, they could have found black women. If the women "only had minor scratches and bruises" then they were obviously attacked with force since the average feel-up doesn't involve scratches and bruises. The force of numbers of youth present would have prevented the women from fighting, so even if they did not touching nor raping, they were still as guilty as the ones who were "actively" involved. The spin IS on by the Police Chief and since she doesn't think that it was a brutal attack, maybe she'd like to go out in the park in plain clothes and have the same experience.

Those of you who are bitching about allegations of this being referred to as a hate crime are pretty ignorant. In the past 10 years FBI crime statistics show no white on black rapes, but definitely the same can't be said for black on white rapes. I'm sure you also think the beatings of whites by blacks yelling "justice for Trayvon" aren't hate crimes either. Violent attacks against whites by blacks are prevalent and have been for years. Another factoid for the ignorant, there have been more black serial killers in history than white serial killers, and the black serial killers tend to target whites more than blacks. Law enforcement and the media tend to not play up that angle, preferring to focus public attention on white serial killers.

texaslittleel said...


Just like THE DONDERO, please prove your information.

At the end of your diatribe, you state that there are more black serial killers than whites, please
reference a link to that information.

I can't find ONE credible source to back your assertions. Are you now making up facts like THE DONDERO does?

Finch, have you also noticed at least ONE thing....The race of the two women aren't in the official police report.....Unless THE DONDERO has some inside knowledge of that he isn't revealing, HE doesn't know the race of the two women either.

No inside sources have stated the race of the two women, just the race of the juveniles that MIGHT have been involved...

Yet again, people jump to conclusions because they want to FILL IN THE GAPS

Rational Nation USA said...

Excellent observation texaslittleel.