Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What happened to the hurricanes?

by Clifford F. Thies 

According to climate science, we're doomed to more and larger extreme weather events. To punish deniers, the alarmists at 350.org are petitioning the World Meteorological Organization to name hurricanes after politicians that oppose their agenda. 

As things have turned out, however, we have not yet had any named storms this year.

On the other hand, a rare August snowstorm is reported as heading toward Iceland. We'll call it "Snowstorm Al Gore".


KN@PPSTER said...

"we have not yet had any named storms this year"


We have not had any HURRICANES this year. We have had six named tropical storms.

jimmyjones5 said...

Yeah and that storm that destroyed half of New Jersey last year? I don't recall that at all.

mitsukurina said...

How many papers in peer reviewed physics, meteorology, or climate science journals have you published I wonder cliff?

Chuck said...

Catastrophic storms are down. This can be found in the sort of publications you cite, yet obviously haven't read.


mitsukurina said...

Everything you wrote was orthogonal to my question Chuck. Next.

Chuck said...

Ahh. Pedantic vocabulary. The refuge of the "educated" liar.

The data speaks for itself. The models tell a story. The data tells the truth.

When did the "climate" not "change", Masturbatinga? Point to that period in history, and I'll immediately take you seriously.

Whenever you're ready, genius.

Chuck said...

Peer reviewed. Now that is fucking hilarious. Peer Reviewed? On this hyper politicized subject?

Your clown makeup is showing, masturbatinga.

mitsukurina said...

So. Climate scientists are either fools or scoundrels in your "informed" view and, moreover, all their fancy science is pointless since the "data speaks (sic -- data are plural) for itself."

Remind me to get your view on evolution or the Earth's age sometime brainbox.

mitsukurina said...

No word from Cliff on his physics prowess, of course.