Saturday, September 28, 2013

We are the 19!

SC's Tim Scott, NE's Deb Fischer, Portman, Heller, Toomey, Vitter, part of the "good guys" team (Jeff Flake - honorable mention)

From Eric Dondero: 

Shamelessly paraphrased from Occupy Wall Street. We here at Libertarian Republican give you the mantra for the Tea Party, and libertarian Republican activists, heading into the 2014 election: "We are the 19!"

Of special note, on the list of the 19 good guys and gals in the GOP Caucus, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska. We will gladly point out that we were pro-Tim, and pro-Deb here at LR, long, long, long before being either pro-Deb or Tim was cool. 

Others besides Cruz, Lee, Paul and Rubio, no surprises: Senators Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby of Alabama, Enzi of Wyoming, David Vitter of course, from Louisiana, somewhat of a pleasant surprise Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, another pleasant surprise Dean Heller of Nevada, Rob Portman of Ohio, Grassley of Iowa, Jim Risch of Idaho and Pat Roberts of Kansas. Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona was attending his son's wedding, but put out an official statement that he would have voted against cloture, (with the good guys.) 

Which means, there's not a single US Senator normally considered to be Tea Party, libertarian Republican, who voted the wrong way.  And only one single US Senate, normally considered to be libertarian-leaning, who voted the wrong way, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. 

Ron, how could you?


Gary said...

Eric, I don't agree with your count.

The true count is the number of Senators who had the balls to stand up and join in on Ted Cruz's mini-filibuster.

My count is 10 Senators who filibustered.

David Vitter
Mike Lee
Marco Rubio
Ted Cruz
Jeff Sessions
Pat Roberts
Jim Risch
Rand Paul
James Inhofe
Mike Enzi

It was not even a real filibuster. The time for closing debate had already been pre-set.

If you don't have the balls to stand up and support a pretend filibuster then you are a worthless sack of shit.

Chuck said...

How many democrats joined him, asswipe?

Fucking fraud.

Chuck said...

Meanwhile, the Republican controlled House is sending a CR back to the Senate containing language that will postpone implementation of Stalincare for a year...while you sat on your ass eating popcorn.

Eric Dondero said...

The count is 19. All media sources are reporting that. Your count is off Gary.