Sunday, September 1, 2013

Uh, oh! This one's gonna come back to haunt Hillary

From Eric Dondero: 

You can skip to 2.30 minute mark in you like. It's a doozie. And it's gonna make for some heluva TV commercials by the RNC and the prospective Republican nominee come 2016. 

She says some even believe that Assad is a "reformer."

H/t - Bryan Preston at PJMedia.


Rational Nation USA said...

Put things in context Eric. This ain't gonna be an issue.

Chuck said...

How the fuck would you know, democrat cunt?

Rational Nation USA said...

Another stimulating intellectual comment from the chuckles of the hinterlands!

Chuck said...

How would you know, democrat cunt?

Why won't it be an issue, partisan democrat cunt? Are you able to say?

Of course not. You're a fucking paper doll.

Surprise us all, cunt. Prove us all wrong.

It will never happen. You're a fucking figment on a mission.

Enjoy hell, less.

Rational Nation USA said...

Damn, it just keeps getting more obvious the chuckles engine of cognition is deeply submerged in the sewer that is his delusions.

The person with nothing is the person that resorts to the verbiage used by the chuckles.

Have a nice evening chuckles.

Eric Dondero said...

I have it on good authority that Les is not a Democrat cunt, but has been known to lick Democrat cunt on occasion, which makes him almost as bad.

Of course, licking Dem cunt is of course, better than sucking Muslim dick. Beats it all the time.

Rational Nation USA said...

Eric, a C is a C and I lay odds you'd lick a hot sexy one and ask party affiliation later.

Rational Nation USA said...

Hell, like Heaven is but a figment of the feeble frightened mind on a journey to find purpose for human existance.

Have a great trip chuckles.

Chuck said...

Less, you are stupid as shit. It's sad. You're too godddam dumb to write a sentence that contains anything but brainless attacks. You're swinging in the dark. I once thought you were just some demented asshole, but you've proven that you're simply a dumbass. You've never once substantiated a single thing you've ever written. Never. Not once. This points to the obvious fact that you've never reached a conclusion about anything on your own. You simply parrot what you like the sound of. You've never given any serious thought to any of these issues...because you can't.\

Carry on, parrot.

Chuck said...

"I have it on good authority that Les is not a Democrat cunt,"

Eric, this dipshit degenerate pile of rat shit calls you a racist whenever he gets the chance. And you run to his defense? What the fucking fuck?

Rational Nation USA said...

Stupid is as stupid does chuckles. You amuse me with your ignorance and lack of self respect.

Continue to display your shallowness and amuse the thinking.

Rational Nation USA said...

I respond to specific racist statements by Eric.

You chuckles are precisely that which you continually call others. What a pathetic piece of work you are.

A master at projection chuckles. Keep up the good work.