Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Total Recall: All your state senators now belong to us!

Colorado State Senate now almost equal Dems to Republicans 

by Clifford F. Thies 

In the two recall elections conducted yesterday in Colorado: With 96 percent of the votes counted, State Senator Morse trailed by 3 points, and has conceded. And, with 62 percent of the votes counted, State Senator Giron trails by 20 points, and should concede. 

Update! Giron loses by near 60% to 40% margin.

From WaPo, "2 Colo. Democratic lawmakers ousted in gun control recalls promoted by activists, NRA":
Senate President John Morse lost by just 343 votes Tuesday in a swing district in the Republican stronghold of Colorado Springs but Sen. Angela Giron lost by a bigger margin in a largely blue-collar district that favors Democrats.
This flips the State Senate from 19 Democrats to 16 Republicans, to 18 Republicans to 17 Democrats.

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