Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hispanic Republican George Rivera elected to Colorado State Senate, former Colorado Springs City Councilman and Tea Party Republican Bernie Herpin elected to State Senate

(BUMPED - originally posted, August 4, 2013) 

Colorado moves forward with recall elections 

by Clifford F. Thies 

Last year, it was Wisconsin. This year, Colorado. Last year, in Wisconsin, the public employee unions used recall elections to counter the efforts of the Republican-controlled state legislature and Republican Governor to balance the state budget through spending cuts and reform of civil service pay and benefits. The effort was temporarily successful in moving control of the state Senate to the Democrats, but was unsuccessful in recalling the Governor. Then, in the regular state Senate elections in November, the Republicans reclaimed control of that chamber even while they lost the state's Presidential and U.S. Senate elections.

This year, in Colorado, gun owners are using recall elections to counter the efforts of the Democratic-controlled state legislature and Democratic Governor to stiffen gun control laws. Targeting four state Senate districts, the gun owners hoped to swing that body over to the Republican column. But, the recall effort faltered in two of the four districts, and now the effort is more modest. Even if the Republicans were to win both recall elections, the Democrats would remain in control of the state Senate, 18 to 17 seats. 

 The two cases in which the recall effort has thus far been successful concern John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Angela Giron (D-Pueblo). In these two cases, the required number of signatures were collected and validated, and a challenge based on some technical violations dismissed by the state's Secretary of State (a Republican) and an appeal of the dismissal rejected by a state district court. Following the latter event, the Governor set the date for the recall election at September 10th. Republicans have chosen George Rivera (photo), a retired Deputy Chief of Police in Pueblo, to face Giron, and he has met the petition requirement. They have also chosen Bernie Herpin, a former City Councilman in Colorado Springs, and he is still collecting petition signatures. 

It is thought that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, head of mayors against guns and excessively huge soda cups, might become personally involved in these recall elections. 

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jimmyjones5 said...

Gotta love this place. So Dondero doesn't even bother to respond to my absolute devastation of his idiotic statements from Monday. Because, as always, I'm right and he's a complete idiot.

And Booger Eater Chuck launches into a silly clarification of the terms conservative and liberal. Yes, conservatives have always been about conserving things. Conserving slavery, conserving feudalism, conserving imperialism, conserving Jim Crowe, conserving women's disenfranchisment, conserving colonialism, conserving serfdom, conserving monarchism. Throughout history, the conservative stance has always been on the wrong side. Always.

And, as I have demonstrated a multitude of times, naziism has always been and always will be right wing. That's just a fact. Try as Eric may to try and cloud the issue by saying Hitler was a vegetarian. Because that's somehow relevant.

Gary said...

A great victory for the 2nd amendment. If only the GOP felt as strongly about the rest of the Constitution.

Chuck said...

"And, as I have demonstrated a multitude of times, naziism has always been and always will be right wing."

The only thing you've ever demonstrated is that you're a dick sucking Marxist slave, jimmy/less.

Carry on, fool. You're boring. Nothing but a bag of democrat party talking points you've been given to repeat. What a waste.

John Morris said...

As obnoxious and wrong many of @JimmyJones5 statements are- he is right that conservative is a toxic brand. Slavery, monarchy, serfdom & religious fanaticism have dominated world history.

Rand was right in saying individual rights and freedom are revolutionary concepts & resisted the conservative label.

FINCHNEST13 said...

Conservatives wanted to conserve slavery? I guess that's why Abraham Lincoln was for abolishing slavery, because somehow that equals conserving it in jimmyjones5and John Morris' minds. Factoid, "integration never, segregation forever" was the mantra of the South until Republicans (that's right, conservatives) rammed through the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960's and had always been opposed to Jim Crowe laws. (Look up the governors and congressmen in the South during the Civil Rights movements and you will find that very few Republicans were elected to any public office in the South). Where did the term "yellow-dog Democrat" come from? The south where it was said "you could even elect a yellow dog as long as it ran as a Democrat." For those of you who claim that the Republicans ran George Wallace for President, try looking up some history. George Wallace was a Democrat and when the Democrats wouldn't run him on their Presidential ticket, he ran as an Independent. His anti-integration views were at odds with Republican views. It was Republican who supported womens' right to birth control and abortion and the ruling on Roe v. Wade was made by the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court (also see Barry Goldwater, referred to as "Mr. Conservative" as he was staunchly pro civil and women's rights). The Democrats were the party of JFK, who was an Irish Catholic (and the catholic church has never been supportive of birth control or abortion), and Southern Baptists, Pentacostals, etc. were also largely Democrats.

Hitler was never right wing. He was a strong believer in government running everyone's life and he wanted to capture more land than Genghis Kahn did. Hitler believed that the German people had no rights as their lives should be dedicated to the collective good of Germany. Hitler was also believed to be gay and many of the people who occupied top command positions in his military were gay, yet many of the people sent to gas chambers were gay non-Jews. Hitler also was an ally of the Muslim countries because they shared a mutual hatred of Jews and gays. Naziism, communism, socialism, marxism do not share mutual goals of Republicans, but they sure as hell look a great deal like today's Democrats who support nanny-statism and the taking away of the rights of citizens for the collective good of the government. It would be more accurate to say that serfdom and monarchism (as our Democrat leaders want to be kings or queens, or maybe even dictators, because they are the elitists and they want to make sure that we "little people" understand that they are the most educated and the obvious choice when it comes to who can run our lives better -- us or them).

FINCHNEST13 said...

This article was about 2 Democrat supporters of Hickenlooper's gun control laws being defeated in what are largely Democrat strongholds. The former police officer understands that police rarely arrive when a crime is in progress(for some strange reason, criminals don't knowingly commit crimes in front of police) and police understand that criminals don't obey laws.(Not only am I female, but I'm also a former cop). Pueblo and Colorado Springs do have high crime rates. Factoid, Hickenlooper has added more armed security to his staff as he was on the 211 hit list (the same list that had Clements as number one, and Clements was gunned down by a 211). Judges, tend to be liberal Democrats because they once upon a time were lawyers and the majority of lawyers are Democrats. One judge has also hired additional armed security personnel and went into hiding because he was on a 211 hit list along with Hickenlooper. It was a Democrat in Colorado that said that citizens don't need firearms to defend themselves, and women in particular shouldn't have firearms because "if they think someone is going to rape them or something, they will pull out their gun and start pop, pop, popping all over the place" and if they think they are in danger they can start blowing a whistle or go to a safe zone. The defeated candidates are now saying that they were defeated because of low voter turnout. (That's right, nobody could possibly disagree with their policies because they, the educated, the annointed rulers of our state could never be defeated because of their beliefs and policies, they have to blame something else -- like the voters. Those damn little people don't know what's best for them. They actually have the nerve to believe that they know what's best for themselves.) I would agree that low voter turnout contributed to their defeat because Democrats who disagree with the Democrats they elected, don't vote for another candidate that isn't a Democrat, they stay home and don't vote. But these candidates should also realize that their former Democrat supporters didn't show up to vote because they disagreed with their Democrat office holders' stand on gun rights.

Liberals tend to view women as dickless children capable of thinking only with their wombs (obviously because they think that womens' major concern is the right to abortion, not the economy, not the instability of the Middle East, not the high price of gasoline and other fuels, not the high cost of food, it's their wombs that preoccupy their minds). Women and men are different physically and their brains tend to operate differently. Example: Women learn language faster and they rely on communication more than physical brawn. Jimmyjones5 and to a small extent, Chuck validate that concept because they seem to be at a loss when it comes to expressing coherent thought and engaging in debate without digressing to calling names like "booger eater,idiot, dick sucking Marxist slave," and the other names that frequently pop up in their blogs. I am sure that at some time in the near future these men (and I do use that term loosely as the so-called debate or opinions they spew actually would be expected from elementary school children, not from adult men) we will be treated to "and my daddy can beat up your daddy and if you don't agree with me and stop calling me names, I'm going to tell my mommy." I more often agree with Chuck -- he doesn't exhibit symptoms of an over indulgence in the liberal Kool_Aid, and his use of "dick sucking Marxist slave" shows a vocabulary development and educational level of about the 6th grade level, while children usually substitute "booger eater" for a more mature insult by the 4th or 5th grade.

Chuck said...

" he is right that conservative is a toxic brand."

Only to leftists. But hey, why allow easily obtainable "brand" data get in the way of your self-obsessed projections?

The world isn't what you wish it to be. Reality doesn't care what you think.

John Morris said...

Please show me where Lincoln, Washington or Jefferson used the term conservative. They knew pretty well the American system made a break with the past.

By definition, saying you are conservative means one is cool with the way things have been done- which in most parts of the world means one is down with authoritrian tyranny.

Failing to understand how the word plays globally only displays ignorance. Freedom and individual rights, while based in history and human nature are still radical ideas. We shouldn't be afraid to say that.