Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Democrats "crying" over Colorado defeats

From Eric Dondero: 

A local news reporter says that some Democrat supporters of State Senate Majority leader John Morse were literally "crying" over his defeat last night at election headquarters. 

No worries. Morse told supporters that he's not that worried about losing. He's going to press on. 

There were reports that two counties away in Pueblo, Senator Angela Giron didn't even bother to show up to speak to her supporters at her election night party.

Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper, quoted in the Washington Times

“Tonight, voters in two Senate districts have spoken. We are certainly disappointed by the outcome of the recall elections,”

 Needless to say, we here at headquarters are downright giddy this morning. And unlike some stuffy-ass establishment Republicans, we ain't afraid to gloat. 

Defeat Democrats at every level, from dog catcher and mosquito controller to the state legislatures, to congress, to the White House!

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