Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Colorado recall elections, more than just anti-gun control; about the bigger issue of nanny-state government running every aspect of our lives


Victorious Colorado Republican now State Senator-elect Bernie Herpin, quoted at Reuters, "Colorado voters oust Democratic state senators over gun control":
Colorado voters ousted two Democratic lawmakers, including the state senate president, in a historic recall vote on Tuesday over their support for tougher gun control laws, handing a major victory to gun rights supporters.
"In Colorado, we don't need some New York billionaire telling us what size soft drinks we can have, how much salt to put on our food, or the size of the ammunition magazines on our guns," he said.
Editor's comment - Why, whoever could he be talking about there? 


FINCHNEST13 said...

Bloomberg is allegedly a Republican, but a very, very liberal one. I would characterize him as being a rather conservative Democrat. He wouldn't get elected as even dog catcher in Colorado. McCain is a moderate Democrat who wasn't liberal enough for the Democrats to run, and his star rose when the media started courting him as being a "reasonable Republican" (i.e. a Democrat in Republican clothing), but they abandoned him when he ran as a Republican for President. In Colorado, women definitely out number men, and they tend to be feminists (Colorado having a huge number of LBGT individuals) and I think they are tired of Wiener and his wiener pictures and they aren't fond of war, they also didn't like the Democrat comment that insinuated that women are too irresponsible and emotional to be gun owners since the law that mandated that anyone who was trained at a state recognized firearms training facility and who had no criminal or mental health treatment history, had to be granted a concealed carry permit by any chief of police or sheriff in the state. This law came into being when a female bail bondsman was murdered by someone who she met to provide bond service to. All of the male bail bondsmen carried guns and had permits, but no female bail bondsman in the state were issued permits to carry. When this inconvenient truth was brought up, suddenly the Democrat politicians decided that the jig was up, their prejudices were exposed, and unless they wanted to kiss their political careers goodbye, they'd better pass a law that recognized the right of women to be given permits allowing them to carry firearms if they met the criteria.

FINCHNEST13 said...

Colorado Springs and Pueblo are Democrat strongholds and not surprisingly, they have high crime rates. I would opine that women, who also generally vote Democrat, didn't appreciate the Democrat politicians who have such a low opinion on the intelligence, responsibility level, and logic of women that they feel women should be grateful to them for at least allowing them to have whistles to blow when they feel threatened like demented referees, but hold the belief that women would respond to perceived danger by "pulling out their guns and start pop, pop, popping all around." Democrats run their campaigns selling themselves to women on the platform that Republicans are anti-woman, they want to strip women of their rights, and they don't respect women for their independence and abilities to participate in all aspects of our society, and a woman who wants a guardian of her rights needs to vote Democrat. I'm sure there are those on this site who would love to use the remark by an ignorant Republican candidate inferring that women could prevent becoming pregnant as the result of rape, but while that comment was stupid, it certainly didn't strip women of their right to birth control or abortion and it wouldn't have even if that candidate had been elected. The Democrat politicians in Colorado will certainly defend women's right to birth control and abortion, but they won't defend a woman's right to effective self-defense (gun ownership and conceal carry permits after meeting the requirements), and I do think that women caught on to that.

TL Winslow said...

Rural Colorado is waking up to the evil hydra of Denverado and its satellite the Commie Republic of Boulder, with more and more plans for secession, starting with Northern Colorado. See my new Shoshone Colorado Blog.