Wednesday, September 11, 2013

College Democrats who "moved" into Morse's district to vote for him at last minute, could face prosecutions

But tough to cancel out their votes ahead of time

From Eric Dondero: 

An elections official from the El Paso County registrar's office explains the difficult process of weeding out newcomers to the County just in time for the election. Efforts were made at the University of Colorado - Boulder, a 3 hour drive away, to register Democrat-leaning voters to vote in the El Paso County (Colorado Springs) recall effort for incumbent State Senate President John Morse. 

As the election official explains, they will prosecute if such fraud is discovered. The individual must express an intent to move into El Paso County. However, it is difficult to identify individuals committing such fraud ahead of the election. 

In other words, a good portion of Morse's 49% vote total may have been fraudulent.

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