Monday, September 2, 2013

Aussie Liberal-Democrat (conservative party) candidate criticized for suggesting immigrants who come to Australia ought to "get off their backsides" and work

Also stated Muslim women who wear burkas are "oppressed"

From Eric Dondero: 

Note - Political labels are nearly completely reversed in the land Down Under. The Liberal Party is actually closer to the UK Conservative Party. Labour, party leaders Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, is the representative party of the Australian left. 

With that in mind, we present "Liberal" candidate Ray King, a former tough-nosed cop walking the beat, turned political candidate. 

 From Australian news service, "Burka, a sign of oppression":
A Liberal candidate in a western Sydney electorate where nearly half of voters were born overseas used his campaign launch to urge an end to Muslim women wearing the burqa, drawing a link between the Islamic tradition and criminality. Ray King, a former Liverpool police commander standing against Treasurer Chris Bowen in McMahon, claimed the burqa was a ''sign of oppression'', according to one attendee. 
The comments were made in front of guests including the disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson, 2UE broadcaster Jason Morrison and the Assistant NSW Police Commissioner for south-west Sydney, Frank Mennilli. 
Also present at the $300-a-head fund-raiser at Candelori's Restaurant in Smithfield were Liberal Senator Marise Payne, federal Liberal MP Craig Kelly and two members of the Coalition state government, Stuart Ayres and Andrew Rohan. 
Mr King's comments alarmed some Liberal guests as they echoed strident public statements he had made during his policing career, including that migrants should be stripped of welfare to force them to ''get off their backside''.
He's not "politically correct," he "speaks his mind" 

''He was also talking about the potential for criminality when people wear the full face cover.'' A former police colleague at Liverpool, where Mr King, 61, was commander until he retired in May, came to his defence, saying he was proudly ''not politically correct''. 
''He's just someone who speaks his mind but he worked hard to bring communities together. He walked down the street with the Sheikh [of Liverpool Mosque] in the name of harmony,'' the former colleague said.
Speaks his mind 'eh?  Ya think? 

Why Mr. King is not running on the Rise Up Australia party ticket is a mystery. 


Rational Nation USA said...

When Texass splits from the Union it can form an Alliance with Australia and mount. a worldwide suppress Moslems movement. Many would support/join thus changing the geopolitics of a New World Order. Led by Fundies and white Supremacist.

Chuck said...

Enemies of civilization everywhere appreciate your support, less.

BTW: No one has a right to wear a disguise in America. Never have. Never will. It's only "oppression" if you're stupid as shit. Of course, you are, so you call it oppression.

Stay stupid, less. I know you will.

mitsukurina said...

"Why Mr. King is not running on the Rise Up Australia party ticket is a mystery. "

Because Rise Up has no chance of winning; the Liberals do have a chance. Pretty simple really.

Rational Nation USA said...

And I know you will remain ignorant AND stupid chuckles. Enemies of freedom everywhere appreciate yours.