Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wyoming Republican Fishing-gate: Did Liz Cheney live in the State long enough to obtain residency status for license?

Our Republican scandals versus theirs? 

by Eric Dondero 

Emerging scandal within the GOP... US Senate candidate Liz Cheney running in the GOP primary against incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi, was forced to issue a statement admitting to a clerical error she made on a fishing licence form a year ago. Seems she hadn't lived within the State long enough to be considered a resident. 

From, "Liz Cheney statement – what do you think? I say the issue is handled – let’s move on":
“On August 3, 2012, I spent the day on the Snake River with a group of wounded warriors and the Rivers of Recovery organization. Rivers of Recovery provides therapy and treatment to wounded veterans through fly fishing. I had arranged for Sean Hannity to film the group for a special he later ran on Fox News to draw attention to and help support the group and the warriors. 
I didn’t know whether I would fish that day, but wanted to have a license just in case. When I went in to purchase a license, the clerk asked if I was a resident. I said yes because I was living in Wyoming. It was my mistake not to realize there was a 365-day requirement to hold a resident license. The clerk did not ask how long I had lived in Wyoming. August 3, 2012 was, unfortunately, the only day I had the opportunity to fish in Wyoming last year.  
When I realized that I had not fulfilled the residency requirement, I met with officials from Game and Fish in Jackson and I paid the requisite fine on August 14. I would like to praise the professionalism and dedication of the officers at the Department of Game and Fish.”
Democrats Filner, Menendez, Spitzer and Weiner still kickin'

Welcome to politics 2013. This is the big Republican scandal of the year. A prominent GOPer may have fudged a bit on a fishing license form, may have been slightly less than truthful, in order to spend a day out in the water, helping wounded Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. 

Incidentally, we free market Republicans don't necessarily believe in hunting and fishing licenses to begin with. 

But in the grand scheme of things, while this "scandal" is heating up all over the mainstream media, we've got Democrats like serial sexual harasser Bob Filner still Mayor of California's third largest city; alleged Dominican Republic prostitute loving and underage kiddie fiddler US Senator Bob Menendez getting a completely free pass from the liberal media, Elliot Spitzer now in first place for NYC Comptroller, and Anthony "I text my" Weiner a top contender for Mayor of the Nation's largest city.  

A little perspective please? 

For the record, I lean Enzi for reelection. The guy's as boring as white milktoast. But his voting record from a libertarian standpoint is stellar.


Gary said...

Liz Cheney is what is increasingly wrong with elections.

More and more candidates are being selected and funded by Billionalire Beltway Cartels of unions and business that could care less about the local districts or states.

The Cartels are simply purchasing their Puppet to vote their way on issues important to their group. The local voters have little say on their own representatives.

Eric Dondero said...

Gaaaary! Fuuuuuuuck dude. That's not the point.

THE ARTICLE IS NOT ABOUT LIZ CHENEY. Enzi, Cheney, who cares? They're both boring as fuck.


Liz Cheney makes a minor error on a form, and it's as big as Filner?

jimmyjones5 said...

I'm not sure why you think the 'liberal media' is making this a big story. This website is literally the first place that I've come across it.

Gary said...

Eric, I like your point. I am simply making my own point.

Eric Dondero said...

Ok, Gary.

BTW, ignore the booger eating piece of shit Muslim cleric dick sucker who goes by the name "Jimmy Jones," but who in actuality is Paulie Cannoli (or Andy) or Independent Political Report.

jimmyjones5 said...

Again, I'm neither of those people. And I do love that you're going to 'ignore me'. Coincides with you ignoring reality for all these years.

Gary said...

There is one name for him - - - ASSHOLE.