Saturday, August 24, 2013

When you've lost Kathleen Parker...

Prominent liberal-to-moderate Republican talking head suggests race was a factor in beating death of WWII Veteran in Spokane

From Eric Dondero: 

You don't get any more squishy moderate, Democrat-sympathetic in Republican clothing, than columnist and former CNN host turned frequent MSNBC talking head Kathleen Parker. 

 From the CalgaryHerald, "Parker: It’s time to stop dwelling on the colour of our skin":
The killings leading the news the past several days have been horrific in their apparent randomness. Were they racially motivated? Had the perps been white and the victims black, would Obama have identified with them? More to immediate concerns, did the president’s identification with Martin nourish the killing passions of these youths? 
Hard to say with any certainty, though one of those charged in the Oklahoma shooting apparently tweeted some messages earlier this summer that unmistakenly convey racial animus toward whites(Emphasis added.)
They might be dismissed as Twitter nonsense — but for the dead body. We do know this much for certain: Had the races been reversed, the usual suspects would have had much to say. White teens beat up an elderly black veteran and leave him for dead? White teens shoot a talented black athlete visiting from another country? Riots.
Uh, oh. Joe and Mike aren't gonna be too pleased with their pal Kathleen come Monday morning. 

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