Thursday, August 15, 2013

There's a US Senate race in Nebraska next year... Who knew?

Getting little if any attention, pretty much a sure thing for the GOP 

From Eric Dondero:

I guess you could say this is a "not so hot" US Senate race. So far there doesn't even appear to be a Democrat running. Incumbent Republican Mike Johanns is retiring. Three Republicans have declared. The top contender is ridiculously handsome hometown boy Shane Osborn. He's a former two-term State Treasurer. But he's best known for his military service, having been held as a POW by the Chinese government for 12 days back in 2001, when his plane crash-landed in Chinese territory. 

Osborn appears to be the Tea Party favorite. He was the keynoter at a Tea Party rally in Omaha back in June. 

“This country has spent too much money for too long,” Osborn said. “We’ve taken on too much debt and we are going to leave our kids and grandkids, for the first time in America’s history, in a place that is worse than it is now if we don’t get the financial train back on the tracks.”
Final note, Osborn was named as one of People Magazine's "50 most beautiful people" in 2001. 

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