Friday, August 16, 2013

The favorite of Ron Paul supporters in SC GOP primary attacks Lindsey Graham for being too soft on Islam

Incumbent Senator's a "community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood..." 

From Eric Dondero: 

Oh, now this is starting to get interesting. A completely unexpected turn from the Ron Paul movement's chosen candidate in the South Carolina Republican primary. State Senator Lee Bright, a longtime Ron Paul supporter and a recruited candidate of the Republican Liberty Caucus, is one of the two "libertarians" running against Lindsey Graham. Yesterday, he attacked the Senator, on of all things, foreign policy. 

From TheState, "SC state senator taking on Graham":
“During the (congressional) recess, when I would hope that he would be around folks in South Carolina, getting their feelings on so many issues that affect their lives, he has instead chosen to take his time to be a community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood and that concerns me,” 
Bright told supporters in a conference call. “He needs to spend more time listening to what the brothers in South Carolina have to say.” At the request of President Barack Obama, Graham last week visited Egypt with U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., to help calm things down after the Egyptian military’s recent overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, a political and religious organization that wants the government to operate under Muslim law.
Bright, who represents Spartanburg in the state Senate, joins an already crowded field for next summer’s Republican primary. Other GOP candidates include Anderson businessman Richard Cash, a former congressional candidate, and Charleston businesswoman Nancy Mace, the first woman to graduate from The Citadel. Bright attacked that alliance Tuesday, calling on Graham to “repudiate” McCain for his comments calling conservative Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky, and U.S. Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, “wacko birds.” 
McCain, for his part, recently told the New Republic magazine that Graham is “like a son to me.” 
First elected to the state Senate in 2008, Bright has become one of the Legislature’s leading Libertarian voices – a mantle Bright said Tuesday he would carry to the U.S. Senate if elected. For example, Bright said Tuesday that he had “a real problem with” security screenings at airports, arguing airlines – not federal employees – should decide whether to screen passengers, leaving passengers with “a choice of whether we get on that airplane or not.”
Editor's note - We lean strongly to Nancy Mace here at LR the other "libertarian" in the race. While not a Paulist, she does have a strong Ron Paul tinge to her views.  And now it appears Lee Bright, who we assumed to be down the line Ron Paul non-interventionist, actually has a "pro-defense/anti-Islamist" tinge to his views.  Confused yet? Nancy or Lee, it's all good.  


KN@PPSTER said...

Non-interventionism IS "pro-defense/anti-Islamist."

Eric Dondero said...

No-interventionism IS girlie-manism.

Pro-defensers are no girlie men.

Eric Dondero said...

Non-internventionism, surreder-tarianism by another name.

Eric Dondero said...

Hey Mr. Muslim, pppppppp-phhhh-please don't hurt us. We promise never to fight back. Yes, we'll disarm, just like you want. Yes, we'll destroy our military forces with political correctness. Yes, we'll respect the Koran, and pay our tribute through taxes (foreign aid) to your Muslim governments.

And yes, please, go ahead and put your WMD and missiles on our Texas border with Mexico, and in Nogales across from Tucson and TJ across from San Diego. No problem there. Our Mexican friends need some cold hard cash from your oil revenues.

Who cares about those whites living in south Texas and Arizona any way. They're just extremist nutty Tea Party fringe Republicans.

Rational Nation USA said...

More bunk from the skunk.