Friday, August 23, 2013

The Annexation of Canada - What if Ted Cruz is a Fenian?

by Clifford F. Thies 

In 1812, we had started a little war to annex, I mean liberate Canada. At the time, Canada groused under the heavy boot of imperial England, its people yearning to be free. According to Thomas Jefferson, we had only to cross the border to be welcomed by the people of Canada. It would be a "walk in the park," just like many of the neo-cons said Iraq would be. 

However, the war didn't go very well for us. In particular, most of the border clashes resulted in victories for the British regulars stationed in Canada and their Indian allies, until, later in the war, General William Henry Harrison kicked their collective butt. 

To this day, the Canadians view the Indian warrior Tecumseh as a great patriot of Canada because of his alliance with them during the War of 1812. Actually, we think of him rather highly ourselves, sympathizing with his resistance to our encroachment, even though he was our mortal enemy for a span of several decades.

From 1866 to 1871, certain Irish-Americans known as the Fenians - many of them veterans of the U.S. Civil War - invaded Canada several times. In 1866, at the Battle of Ridgeway, an Irish American force of about 800 routed a similar number of Canadian troops. 

The Fenians scattered when a much larger force of Canadians arrived. For the next several years, the Fenians conducted raids across the U.S.-Canada border. Although our government attempted to quash the Fenians, the Canadians blamed us for the incursions onto their soil.
We are the Fenian Brotherhood, skilled in the arts of war, And we're going to fight for Ireland, the land we adore, Many battles we have won, along with the boys in blue, And we'll go and capture Canada, for we've nothing else to do.
A Fenian connection to Ted Cruz' Presidential foray might not be too far-fetched when you consider that his mother is Irish-American.

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