Monday, August 12, 2013

More local police harassment of Overpasses to Impeach Obama protesters: This time Camp Pendleton/Oceanside, California

One lone pro-Obama protester joins the 8 or so anti-Obama protesters on the bridge 

From Eric Dondero: 

The pro-Obama guy was pretty incoherent; couldn't muster up a single reason to support the Kenyan White House occupier. 

Note - the Overpass to Impeach protesters were still friendly and accommodating to their "guest." He appears pretty harmless.  And he has absolutely every right to counter-protest!  

Of much greater importance, the local police state gestapo showed up to warn the Impeachers to keep it brief or they'll be asked to leave.

Exit question - Hey Oceanside/Camp Pendleton police...  Who exactly paid for the construction of that bridge?  Was it local taxpayers there in Oceanside including some of those who are protesting and counter-protesting on the bridge??

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