Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Million Muslim March"? Ya done pissed off the bikers, counter protest now planned for Sept. 11 in DC

From 2MillionBikersDC Facebook Page, "2 Millions Bikers to DC":
While Muslim Americans have the same First Amendment rights as any other American, AMPAC’s protest on September 11th is a slap in the face to many Americans–and, moreso, to those whose lives were lost on that sunny Tuesday twelve years ago. This is also why an ad hoc group of bikers is organizing a counter-protest through Facebook to respond to AMPAC’s disdainful disrespect for what most Americans view as a day of mourning. 
Just as the Million Muslim March most assuredly won’t get a million Muslims in Washington on Sept. 11th, there probably won’t be the hoped-for two million bikers riding in either. However, it appears, based on the 22,000 and growing Facebook likes, the bikers’ ranks are growing rapidly. Although Washington bureaucrats have not given the bikers a permit (so far), that is not stopping the riders from descending on the Capitol for a “riding event” to make their…er…voices heard (the louder the pipes, the louder the roar). 
Whether you have two wheels or four*, if you support this event and can make it to DC on September 11th, you can go to the group’s Facebook page and join the event–regardless whether Washington bureaucrats “approve” of the ride. [America was founded on 'civil disobedience' after all.]

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