Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Menino and the Big City of Boston decline to participate in EBT fraud crackdown: Hero Police Chief of tiny city of Everett, Mass says darn right we'll participate

by Eric Dondero 

Can you believe this shit? The City of Boston is declining to participate in a federal and state joint task force effort to crack down on EBT fraud and abuse. The effort specifically targets convenience stores, (many owned by Muslims and other foreigners), who exchange taxpayer funds on customer's EBT cards for cold hard cash. 

From the BostonHerald.com, "Boston skips out on joint EBT probe":
Mayor Thomas M. Menino (photo above) said yesterday the city is steering clear of a new joint federal and state probe of EBT abuse, saying efforts to enlist local cops to investigate retail food stamp trafficking could undermine key contacts police have built in Hub neighborhoods. 
Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce told the Herald the city is “not inclined” to enter into the new State Law Enforcement Bureau agreement unveiled yesterday by the Department of Transitional Assistance even as the state’s welfare chief touted it as a “first-of-its-kind” program in the state.
Did you catch that? The City of Boston is "not inclined" to participate. 

One small-sized city in stark contrast, is enthusiastic about joining the effort. Continuing:
Four cities have signed on to the new initiative, which puts local cops using decoy EBT cards in sting operations, to take down stores flagged for potential food stamp trafficking. Efforts to reach the police chiefs in three of the communities — Taunton, Attleboro and Pittsfield — were not successful yesterday, but Everett Police Chief Steve Mazzie said his department is “eager” to work with the state and the feds to train his officers in conducting the specialized probes. 
“We basically become a force multiplier for the state and federal government,” Mazzie said.
A Mighty Fuck You to Boston for sitting out on an effort to crackdown of abuse of Massachusetts taxpayers. Citizens and business in the city should be ashamed of their city officials. 

And a note to all libertarians nationwide: Add the City of Everett to your travel plans next time you're in Massachusetts. Spend some money there. Buy products made in the town. Thank you City of Everett.  Thank you Police Chief Mazzie.


John Holliday said...

...saying efforts to enlist local cops to investigate retail food stamp trafficking could undermine key contacts police have built in Hub neighborhoods.


So your police contacts are based on criminal activity on a grand scale? Thank you for the admission and confession, Chief Muzloid.

Eric Dondero said...

yup. good catch

Rational Nation USA said...

It's Boston. Does this really suprize you? At least the statement has a smidgeon of logic. H could have said something about the unfortunate or the poor being unfairly targeted.