Sunday, August 18, 2013

Maryland Impeach Obama Overpass demonstrator a minimum wage employee pissed off at ObamaCare and resulting hours cut back from her employer

“I’ve just been cut in half in everything,” Rea said. “It’s sad that I have to do this.” 

From Eric Dondero: 

Wow. What a story. 

Meet Starlett Rea of Salisbury, Maryland (photo at the link). She's blue collar working class to the core. And because of ObamaCare, never having been involved in politics before in her life, she decided to pick up a sign and start waving over a busy Maryland overpass. 

Obama a legitimate president? Demonstrator brings up voter fraud in the 2012 election

From the, "Protestors take stand for Obama impeachment":
“It hasn’t been too bad,” Rea said of the response during a rain-soaked Saturday of standing on Jake Alexander Boulevard above I-85. “We get a honk every few cars.” Rea, a resident of Lexington but an employee of Ryan’s Steak House in Salisbury, secured the necessary permit from the city for Saturday’s demonstration, which lasted from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Rea said she has never been political until this summer when her hours were cut substantially at Ryan’s, and she blames Obamacare. 
“I can’t blame them,” she said of her employer. “Who can afford that?” Rea has worked at Ryan’s for four years. She is a single mother of three children. She said she used to work 37 to 38 hours a week. Now her hours have been cut back to 23-24 hours and 28 at the most. Because of the cut in hours, which she blames on Ryan’s dealing with Obamacare, Rea said her monthly income has decreased by $400. 
“Being on minimum wage, that’s a lot,” she said. ‘Obamacare is going to kill the economy. There are not going to be any more full-time jobs. It’s not right.” Rea said she has always been able to pay her own bills — the rent, water and lights. But this past month, she needed help to keep her lights on. 
When people question her call for impeachment and note that Obama has won two elections for president, Rea said she brings up voter fraud in those elections when people were shown to have voted twice, or dead people were recorded as voting. (Emphasis added.)
Sidenote: A sign of the maturing of the movement? Note demonstrators trotted down to city hall to get the necessary permits for the protest.


starla rea said...

Wow, that's pathetic. Half this story you just got wrong all the way down to where it happened at.

starla rea said...

Wow, that's pathetic. Half of this story you just got wrong all the way down to where it happened at and my name. Can you say "ILLITERATE".