Friday, August 16, 2013

Libertarian Republican news site update: Thanks for all our regular readers, welcome to our new visitors

Your home for Pro-Military, Pro-Defense and Counter-Jihad libertarianism!

by Eric Dondero 

One of the small ways for a political website to measure success, is Google placement. For the last few days, if you typed in "libertarian" in Google Blogs, we're one of the three featured in the top bar. We've been there before, I'd say 3 to 4 times. But it's still nice to see. 

Our traffic has been consistent through the dry days of summer, in the 650 to 800 daily unique visitors range according to site meter; in the 2,500 to 3,000 Page Views range according to Google stats. 

Thank you to all our regular readers. To our new visitors, we encourage you to sign up, up top for our daily email newsletter (summary of each day's articles.) Also, sign up for LR breaking news at Twitter, (right-bar up top.)

I got a nice note recently from an LR reader who follows us through the daily email newsletter, Leigh Pinkston Kelly.  Leigh wants to see more candidate news and lists of libertarian Republicans running:
I love your Libertarian Republican website.... We libertarians need to develop a coherent strategy for taking back our government from the progressives who've taken control of it. We need a platform and we need candidates. You have been doing a fine job of identifying candidates.
In closing, I heard a good one today that I'd like to share, fits in beautifully with our site's counter-Jihad libertarian views:
"Make sure to thank an Afghan War or Iraq War Vet. If it wasn't for them, we might all be speaking Arabic."


mitsukurina said...

"Make sure to thank an Afghan War or Iraq War Vet. If it wasn't for them, we might all be speaking Arabic."

Saddam was going to invade the US? And you do realise that Arabic isn't spoken in Afghanistan don't you?

Chuck said...

Where did you develop this idea that Arabic isn't spoken in Afghanistan?

Anywhere there is a musque, Arabic is spoken. Anywhere there is Islam (the faith of Satan) Arabic is spoken.

To the followers of the pedophile, Arabic is the only language their "god" speaks.

Chuck said...

Arab is the language of islam because it was the language of their illiterate, child raping "prophet" (piss be upon him).

Eric Dondero said...

Chuck is right. Arabic IS spoken in Afghanistan.

Oh, and yes, Saddam Hussein INVADED the United States, back in 1995. It was called the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Hussain Al-Hussaini, The Third Terrorist. Google it!

Rational Nation USA said...

I love reading Libertarian Republican. Nowwhere else can one get a daily "fix" of IslamoPhobia, neo facist militarism, and demeaning slanderous alternative reality commenting from Chuck, or as I fondly refer to him "Chuckles".

Perusing Libertarian Republican archived for Klan like commentary is highly recomended.

mitsukurina said...

"Where did you develop this idea that Arabic isn't spoken in Afghanistan?"

Yes, Arabic is the clerical language of Islam just as Latin was once the clerical language of Roman Catholicism. But only an idiot would have said that if the US had lost the war with Catholic Spain that then Americans would be speaking Latin.