Sunday, August 18, 2013

Left's latest "Huge Scandal": Libertarian Party in UK that opposes smoking bans, accepted donations from e-cigarette company that also opposes smoking bans

Latest polls have UKIP beating Labour 13% to 10% with far leftwing Greens way behind at 3%

From Eric Dondero: 

Can you believe this shit? This is the very latest attempt by the left to paint the UK Independence Party as somehow corrupt. 

Note it is the far-left, libertarian-hating UKGuardian that is trying to make a story of it. 

From the Guardian, "Ukip accepts £25,000 donation from e-cigarette firm":
The UK Independence party has been given a £25,000 donation by an electronic cigarette company, while opposing new Brussels rules that would regulate non-tobacco nicotine products as medicines. Electoral Commission records show Ukip accepted the funding in May from Pillbox38, a Blackburn-based firm linked to Totally Wicked-E liquid electronic cigarettes. 
The company is currently fighting regulation proposed by the European commission last year, which says that products containing a certain amount of nicotine must be authorised as medicines. It argues that this amounts to an effective ban on e-cigarettes, and has launched a lobbying campaign to persuade Europe to relax its regulation.
Janice Atkinson (photo), a potential Ukip MEP candidate, spoke out against the EU "interfering again by trying to regulate e-cigarettes" in March. 
In May, Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, told Better Retailing: "The amount of money spent trying to stop people smoking is massive and yet when the market provides an alternative to tobacco the EU tries to legislate against it. They have no real understanding of business or real people, only an overwhelming urge to interfere regardless of the consequences." 
On Thursday, the party confirmed it is opposed to greater regulation on electronic cigarettes, saying this was "hardly surprising" given Ukip's long fight against the smoking ban.
And guess who it is that's attacking the libertarians?
Keith Taylor, the Green party's MEP for south-east England, said the donation was an argument for state funding of parties to take "vested interests" out of politics. (Emphasis added.)
"While Ukip MEPs tend to shy away from doing too much work in the European parliament they do seem to have made plenty of time to campaign against the regulation of e-cigarettes," he said. "I sincerely hope that Ukip's stance on this vital discussion affecting public health wasn't influenced by the £25,000 they received from Pillbox38." 
Could it have something to do with the fact that the very latest polls released just two days ago, show UKIP with 13%, Labour at 10% and the Greens way down at 3%?


mitsukurina said...

"Could it have something to do with the fact that the very latest polls released just two days ago, show UKIP with 13%, Labour at 10% and the Greens way down at 3%?"

Labour on 10%? So then someone else accounts for fully more than 70% of the vote in that poll? Bollocks.

Eric Dondero said...

Undeciced, Conservatives, Liberal Party

mitsukurina said...

Nope. The real numbers are:

Conservatives 32
Labour 38
Liberal Democrats 10

FINCHNEST13 said...

Folks, there are municipalities in the US that not only have banned sales of e-cigarettes, but have banned the use of e-cigarettes by adults, so the UK is significantly less progressive than we are in the bullshit, ridiculous bans. The excuse these municipalities use? "We want to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of children." These are the very same people who scream whenever anyone argues that aborting a fetus when it can survive outside of the womb is murder, and accuse anyone who doesn't agree with abortion all the time at any time during the pregnancy as being anti-women. Children are sure convenient when these same jackasses want to keep legitimate products out of the hands of adults.

I've never seen kids puffing on e-cigarettes -- probably because e-cigs don't project the "grown-up" image kid smokers think they get out of smoking. E-cigarettes aren't advertised as being stop-smoking aids because the companies don't want to have to have their product regulated by the FDA, nor do they want the nicotine levels in the e-juices reduced to the levels the FDA allows for in stop-smoking products (4 mg maximum). European stop-smoking aids have higher nicotine contents and are more effective than ours are.

FINCHNEST13 said...

As a nurse, I have recommended e-cigarettes to patients and I stopped smoking using them when all other "aids" failed me. The highest nicotine level I have seen in e-juices is 36 mg. E-juice is made with flavoring, nicotine, and vegetable oils (no-nicotine e-juice is also available and in the candy and soda flavors, aid in weight loss). What is exhaled by the e-cigarette "smoker" is water vapor (despite its looking like smoke). Every time a non-smoker or any air-breathing organism exhales, they also exhale water vapor (that's how respiratory ailments become rampant in enclosed spaces, by the way). If a person is a heavy smoker, they often have to apply more than one patch to get the nicotine levels they are used to, something that can become dangerous. It's much safer to puff away on an e-cigarette.

For those who want FDA regulation on these products (and of course, they would become prescription only devices and juices), they sure don't seem to scream for regulation on vitamins and herbal supplements (which can be more dangerous and deadly than e-juice). Take a look at the municipalities in the US that have banned or are trying to ban e-cigarettes (Canton, MA being the latest). We are going to lead the world when it comes to enacting bans on adults having access to materials and products that they should be allowed access to. (Canton, MA, while wanting to ban e-cigarette sales and use, was not attempting to ban cigarettes, snus, chewing tobacco, cigars, etc.)