Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jennifer in Greensboro: The new face of Overpasses for Obama Impeachment

From Eric Dondero:

Rallies across the U.S. yesterday for Overpasses for Obama Impeachment. Early reports, turn-out was much better than the first national demonstration day three weeks ago. 

Jennifer in the video, is a little concerned about giving her name, hinting at IRS targeting.
What we're trying to do is bring news to the people since the mainstream media won't, i.e. IRS scandal, Benghazi scandal, NSA...
My guess, she won't remain so anonymous for too long. She's too articulate, and photogenic to remain just a back-bencher in the movement.

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FINCHNEST13 said...

Being targeted by the IRS is a very legitimate concern. My mother wrote an email to the White House protesting numerous anti-American policies Obama has put in place, including his extreme use of Executive Orders (over 900 to date), and she ended up having her Social Security audited and cut, even though she had the paperwork to prove she hadn't been over paid. She was in good company. Another elderly couple had to show up at the IRS office with 30 years' worth of records, and there were others in the same situation who all (coincidentally?) had sent emails to the White House protesting and criticizing Obama's "vision for America."

If you read the Obamacare bill, it becomes very clear that health care will be rationed, and make no mistake about it, the result will be premature death for many Americans only because their medical issue isn't being covered due to their age or nature of illness. Palin got ridiculed for saying that the bill allowed for "Death Panels." She just put into 2 words what thousands of words related to what care will and will not be covered, and the criteria for coverage or non-coverage state. An elderly diabetic, for example, who is no longer going to receive care and coverage for their diabetes will die a very painful death, ditto for heart ailments, respiratory ailments, etc.

Obama talked about providing paliative care in lieu of treatment, but wants to eliminate opiate pain medications like Vicodin, MS Contin, etc. So much for keeping patients as pain free as possible.

Part of the bill allows for sending people to clinics where they will be "treated" by non-medical people. For many years there has been a push to have all nurses prescribe medications, which frankly, we already do -- we just have the doctor write them and sign the prescription (and we also train interns on how to write doctor's orders and prescriptions), but the bill doesn't provide for nurses manning these clinics, either. As a nurse, I would be comfortable writing prescriptions for diseases and conditions that I have experience providing patient care for, but in no way would I want to be responsible for treating conditions that I have no familiarity with, nor would I want those I love subjected to being treated by people with no experience, no expertise, and no specific education that prepared them for carrying out diagnosis, treatment, and prescribing. (NM already has had psychologists prescribing psychiatric medications due to a shortage of psychiatrists, according to what I have been told by doctors over the past several years.)

I love these people on the Overpasses for Obama Impeachment. Another thing I love is how the Hollyweird production companies are whining about how they will have to cut employee hours to keep from having to provide health care benefits to employees. These were the very same clowns raising money for Obama and telling the rest of us that we were racists if we didn't support him. I see them having to cut hours as it will take them longer to get their lousy products "in the can" and we'll have some relief from their propoganda disguised as movies or television programs (most of which are failures at the box office or in the ratings). Imagine, life without hearing about the Kardashians over and over throughout the day every day! I guess they have finally realized that that "Hopey, Changey thing" and the "Hopey, Changey Candidate" aren't good for America or American productivity. Aaaaah! Pity!