Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fiji Islanders upset, newly-crowned Miss Fiji is "too white"

Nasty social media comments attack Torika Watters over non "fuzzy Fijian hairstyle" 

From Eric Dondero: 

Well, whaddya know. If you have light skin or straighter hair in some Pacific islands you risk nasty attacks from darker-skinned frizzy-haired folk. 

From Australian news service,, "Miss Fiji row: 'She doesn't look native enough' - Schoolgirl beats bevy of full-blooded indigenous women":
Schoolgirl Torika Watters (see photo at link above) - who is of mixed European/ Fijian heritage - has been criticised since beating a bevy of full-blooded indigenous women to win the Miss World Fiji crown on the weekend. 
Furthering the controversy, the competition was overseen by New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter (photo) and other non-Fijian judges. 
The ugly race row has even included attacks on Watters' hair, with many claiming the model chosen to represent the island nation should have a "buiniga" - the local word used to describe the naturally-fuzzy Fijian hairstyle. 
Hundreds of hateful comments had to be deleted from the official Miss World Fiji Facebook page. (Emphasis added.)
Editor's comment - Umm, okay. Valid concern from the native Fijians perhaps. But what if native Americans (or Aussies, Brits, French, Dutch, Scandanavians, did this? Light-haired, blue or green-eyed Americans (or other Westerners) getting pissed at darker-skinned folks for winning a beauty pageant. Oh-My-Gosh, the outcry would be deafening.


Chuck said...

Hating whitey never goes out of style.

Rational Nation USA said...

Apparently chuckles and his asinine comments doesn't either.

Chuck said...

Nice fart, cunt.


texaslittleel said...

Eric, do you purposely fail at putting stories on your blog?

The picture that you have or Torika Watters is NOT the person you have up on your website.

Ms. Watters photos can be viewed here.

I mean this is a true failure on your part. On top of it, this was a story in May of 2012. Don't you think you should be putting NEW relevant news up on your blog?

Good lord man, get a clue

texaslittleel said...

My bad on the photo, that is Rachel Hunter....I missed the (Photo) portion, but still the same, why would you want a picture of Rachel Hunter on a story about Torika Watters?

And the same thing still applies, this story is over a year old

Rational Nation USA said...

Wow! Such a intelligent comment chuckles. Are you rubbing your phallic symbol now? You know, the one you never actually had.

Scotty said...

I don't know how anything about her could possibly upset anyone (and yeah, referring to the actual Miss Watters - not Rachel Hunter - though nothing upsetting about her either!).

Chuck said...

"Wow! Such a intelligent comment chuckles. Are you rubbing your phallic symbol now? You know, the one you never actually had."

Now this pathetic creep has moved to obsessing over my dick.

Eric, when are you going to ban this fucking degenerate?

texaslittleel said...

Amazing Chuckles, I have asked you three times to prove something in the last week and you won't respond.

Mind you, neither has THE DONDERO but I figured he is all mouth and no substance.

Come on you limp dick noodle. Just once put your money where your mouth is.

By the way, your the testy little fuck that talks about little dicks and cunts all the time. We already know you are a massive dick,Chuckles... just where you been putting that thing makes us wonder how you ever bothered to have children considering its place in THE DONDERO's backside half the time.

Just ONCE...Respond with something substantial instead of calling people names....Just ONCE have something that is an original thought instead of a rehash of THE DONDERO.

JUST ONCE, prove what you say is true, put links to it, don't disguise it by having a nimrod like THE DONDERO write it.....

You can't do it, Chuckles.... you haven't an creative bone in your body, two working brain cells to rub together, and no balls to call out THE DONDERO when you KNOW he has a quart of vaseline and the will power to shove his head up his ass for the 20,000th time.

EVEN this article, which you so gallantly are quoted saying

Hating whitey never goes out of style.

What relevancy does this article have now considering that it was written over a year ago?

You are such a loser, Chuckles

Rational Nation USA said...

chuckles can't respond with an answer to your questions, he has nothing, nothing at all. Other than insults and sewer talk. But when one makes their life in the sewer it is understandable I suppose.

mitsukurina said...

So, the story is that a bunch of racist Fijians left racist comments on the half-Fijian beauty queen's facebook page?