Sunday, August 18, 2013

Confirmed! Muslim bank hostage killer in Louisiana Ahmed Fuaed Abdo Ahmed, had traveled to Yemen weeks before the shootings

Breaking... second victim has died in hospital 

From Eric Dondero: 

Initial reports suggested that Ahmed had "flown to Dubai." But in the very latest reports from the AP, it's been clarified. 

From, "La. town turns to healing after hostage standoff":

Jones said Ahmed had recently traveled to California and Yemen, returning two or three weeks ago.

This appears in passing in the 18th paragraph of the story, in what clearly should be the headline. Recall, two weeks ago the Obama administration was all abuzz about possible terrorist attacks on US targets. 22 US embassies were closed. Yemen was seen as a focal point for the expected attacks. 

Muslim convenience store owners on Louisiana - Mississippi border

And this additional information:

The mayor said there had never been any problems with anyone in the family, which owned a convenience store across the street from the bank.
Recall, Ahmed, who wore his baseball cap backwards in hip hop style, listed "Eminem and Islam" as his two inspirations on his Facebook page. 

NinjaPundit adds:

Police believe he was angry at people who were "mean to him" and had voices in his head. Authorities did not make any connection to his Facebook endorsement of Islam or terrorism. 
UPDATE! Second victim has died 

Going virtually un-reported by the media, except local news, the second victim of the shooting rampage has died in hospital. She was initially reported as in critical condition. LaDean McDaniel was a Christian sunday school teacher in St. Joseph. The other victim was Jay Warbington. Both had worked in the bank for many years, and were lifelong residents of the Parish. 

Report from the NatchezDemocrat

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