Friday, August 23, 2013

Co-Board member of top English football team pushes to ban beer within the stadium and surrounding area

Wherever Islam expands, prohibition soon follows 

From Eric Dondero: 

And the left-libertarians and others who appease Islam say Muslims pose no threat to personal liberties of Americans (British, and Western nationals). 

From the DailyMail, "Leeds Director in big to ban alcoho at Elland Road on religious grounds":

A Leeds director wants to ban alcohol from being consumed anywhere within Elland Road to reflect the Muslim beliefs of owners GFH Capital, the Dubai-based subsidiary of a Bahraini Islamic investment bank. 
Salem Patel (photo - left), the deeply religious head of investment management at GFH, made his views clear at Leeds’ first home match of the season and is believed to have brought up the contentious subject at board meetings. 
However, Patel’s ‘no alcohol’ stance is not shared by other members of the Leeds board, nor is it supported by club grandee Lady Harewood, who is understood to have been heard voicing her disapproval.
Editor's comment - Coming to a stadium pub or sports bar near you. Fizzy orange soda in place of that ice-cold Bud or Miller lite. Get ready sports towns: Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit, Philly, Baltimore, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver, L.A. Just a matter of time.


John Morris said...

Orange soda contains a lot of sugar. Perhaps water will be served with a small shot of soda.

jimmyjones5 said...

So, to clarify, the 'libertarian' position is: Refusing to sell cakes to homosexuals is perfectly acceptable but refusing to sell alcohol to sports fans is not acceptable. MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

mitsukurina said...

It'll never happen.

Eric Dondero said...

What you completely neglect is the fact that we live in the West. We are part of Western Civilization. If you what you advocate Jimmy is bludgeoning Western culture, and pretending like we're no different than the rest of the world, than why have a country to begin with?

We're just one big land masse, a big United Nations rather than the United States of America.

That's a really sad view you take.