Saturday, August 31, 2013

Climate change kills 250,000 alpacas in Peru

by Clifford F. Thies 

You might think being covered in wool, like a snuggie, would protect the alpacas of Peru from the bitter cold; but, no, record low temperatures in the southern part of Peru have killed a quarter million of these cute animals, and threatens many more. The bitter cold has also killed 140 human children, but who cares about that. 


 As to how global warming causes bitter cold weather, who the hell knows. But, maybe the climate scientists of the 1970s weren't the idiots the climate scientists of the 1990s thought they were (ignoring the fact that many of these were the same people). During the 1970s, the climate scientists were telling us that conventional pollution such as particulate matter would, by reflecting sun light before it got to the earth, dominate the effect of additional CO2 in the upper atmosphere, which would trap the heat of the sun light that got through to the earth. 

Thus, we were heading to global cooling. Because that prediction was massively contradicted by the next two decades of rising global temperature, another thing that they said was possibly dismissed. That other thing they said is that aerosol sprays were raising temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere. Well, we thought that meant we should ban the use of aerosol sprays. 

So, bye bye CFCs! And now what do we have? Instead of gently rising temperatures in the southern hemisphere, we have record low temperatures and thousands, no hundreds of thousands of cute alpacas dying in slow, painful deaths due to the cold itself and to the associated lack of forage. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

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Chuck said...

Ask one of these asswipes to explain the period in global history when the climate didn't change, and you'll get either a blank stare or they'll quickly change the subject to George Bush or something.

Leftists are the scum of this earth.