Wednesday, August 28, 2013

City near Detroit may now have to scale back beer concessions at centuries old Labor Day festival over Muslim complaints


From Eric Dondero: 

Hey, what's that the Ron Paulists, left-libertarians at Libertarian Party National HQ, Reason hipsters, and Beltway libertarians from Cato like to say? 

"Islam poses no threat to our personal liberties. Liberty and Islam are entirely compatible. No conflict. None at all. To oppose Islam is cultural imperialism, don't you know. And those who oppose Islamism are just Islamo-phobes."

Now this, via the HamtramckReview, "Mosque’s design is OK’d by city council":

The zoning board will decide...The mosques could have an impact on the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival. The alcohol drinking area — including the main stage — of the festival is in front of all three mosques which go from Caniff to Holmes St. 

If the mosques object to the consumption of alcohol in front of their establishments, the festival will be forced to relocate the drinking area 500 feet north of Holmes St.
Note - the Muslims have now reached the 50% mark in population in the city. The old European ethnics, who built the city, and have raised families in Hamtramck for centuries, are now fleeing in droves, pushed out by foreign invaders from the Middle East.

And now we can also say goodbye to another American tradition in this particular Michigan town: Beer drinking. All thanks to Muslim-sympathizing Barack Hussein Obama and his ethnic cleansing policies of native American populations.


Rational Nation USA said...

500 feet is saying goodbye to beer drinking?

Ever consider comedy Eric?

Eric Dondero said...

Umm, why even 500 feet? Who in the bloody hell are these Muslims telling me I CANNOT DRINK A FUCKING BEER IN FRONT OF THEIR GODDAMNED MOSQUE???

My gosh, you suck Les. You are a fucking apologist for the Islamists. You are the stereotype of every goddamned left-libertarian out there.

Just give them more... they're not asking for much... we need to be friends with the Arabs. If you just treat them nicely they'll leave us alone.


Rational Nation USA said...

Very intelligent response Eric, very intelligent. Ever hear of "devils advocate?"

I am an appologist for no one, not even for the mistakes the U.S. has made in the Middle East. Think Iraq, support of Iraq in their conflict with Iran and then ultimately GWB's invasion of Iraq just to name two.

Syria will be our next blunder. Actions have consequences. Being American no longer insulates us from stupid errors willingly made.

Feel free to continue your temper tantrum Eric, maybe your Sheeple chuckles will join you with some more taunts and vulgarity. I welcome it. Because exposing the fake conservatives and fake libertarians is MY mission.

Fight your war, you'll continue to fight it the only way you know how, stupidly, and by trying to shutdown opposing views, no matter how insignificant the difference.

Now, I .think I'll go have a beer with some Muslim friends.

Gary said...

Eric speaks the truth to those afraid to listen.

Islamists start by asking for so-called "minor" changes in the law. But a look at any Muslim nation will show you as their numbers grow your freedom decreases.

If Christian fundamentalists were pushing for restrictions libertarians and leftists would be all over the issue. But somehow Islamic fundamentalists are different and we must bow down and respect their insanity.

jimmyjones5 said...

Two idiots. There is a special area at the festival set aside for drinking. They are being asked to move that special area. That is all. Can you even read?

mitsukurina said...

"The old European ethnics, who built the city, and have raised families in Hamtramck for centuries, are now fleeing in droves, pushed out by foreign invaders from the Middle East."

Uh huh -- as opposed to the crime, the poor city services and the collapse of the Michigan auto industry.

Eric Dondero said...

Gary speaks the truth. If Christian fundamentalists were doing this, asking that a rock concert be moved away from a church because of beer drinking and loud noise, every left-libertarian, including Les, would be screaming bloody murder. But since it's a member of the leftwing opposition - Muslims - it gets completely ignored.

mitsukurina said...

"If Christian fundamentalists were doing this"

Sure, because Christians never try to impose their will on the rest of us. For the record I am as opposed to this as to Christian demands.

Rational Nation USA said...


Eric Dondero said...

You're living in the 1980s. Yes, Christian Rightists absolutely SUCKED!!!! back then. Jerry Falwell, PMRC, Tipper Gore, Jim and Tammy, Jimmy Swaggert.

That was like 30 fucking years ago.

But you all just can't break out of that mode.

Muslims are the prudes in 2013.

Christians are laid back, and just want to be left the fuck alone. Hell, Pat Robertson now even supports marijuana legalization.

Get with the program. This is 2013, not 1983.

Rational Nation USA said...

That is absolutely near the top of the funniest things I've heard all month Eric.

But for those living on planet DONDERO I would guess it is considered the gospel.

leona little said...

Isn't this what our Muslim President has wanted all along, to transform America into a Muslim State. Obama wants to destroy America, in fact he hates America and all it stands for. Go back and carefully read his history and all the lies he and his "friends" have told to the American people. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN.

FINCHNEST13 said...

One shouldn't drink on private property, but the street is public and presumably the sidewalks in front of the mosques are, too. But where was the outrage when gays were invading Catholic churches, acting out sex acts going down the aisle, and throwing condoms? Those kinds of displays were touted by the medias as "making a statement," but silence on the issue of a traditional celebration that is being asked to move from where it has been held for decades, because of Muslim intolerance. Intolerance is the issue.