Sunday, August 18, 2013

Australia's right-libertarian party to field 90 candidates across the country

This question is asked of all Australian citizens when they stand before the governor or to become citizens. They have to declare that they will come under our system of law, and our flag. 

"If you're going to say; 'no, I'm going to hold to the laws of the Koran', I would say `pack your bags, get on the next plane and go home'. Our laws are totally and utterly contrary to the law of the Koran. -- Rise Up Australia party candidate for president Sherrilyn Church 

Breaking from Rise Up Australia:
we can confirm that Rise Up Australia Party is running more than 90 Candidates across the country for the Lower House (Rep) and Upper House (Senate). This is exciting news because now RUAP will be above the line on the Senate ballot paper in every state and territory across our nation.
Party candidates for Rise Up Australia include, 

VASSILIOU, Melanie for Chilsom (photo) 

For Melbourne, ELI, Jonathan (photo) and, 

Rosalie Crestani (photo) for Melbourne, Second Senate,

Rosalie Crestani was born in Carnarvon, Western Australia on 10th May 1974, the youngest of four children. Rosalie’s father migrated from Germany post WWII and her mother is a third generation Australian. Rosalie’s upbringing spoke of foundational Christian values and patriotism. 

Her father would declare, “Wake up, Australia needs you!” every morning when awakening her and her siblings, which planted within her a seed of service to her country. 

Flamboyant Party leader Danny Nalliah (photo up top) is also a candidate for federal office.

And late word that the conservative Liberal Democrat Party is looking to RUP to form a governing coalition if LDP prevails in the top spot, as is expected in the Sept. 7 elections.

Editor's note - Our article yesterday on Rise Up Australia got a lot of attention, linked by LiveLinks, Tweeted all over Aussie politics hashtags. Apparently, we are the only US website covering the new party and virtually the only ones covering the movement against Islamism and Sharia Law in the land Down Under. 

Sidenote - Looking for some inspiration for the worldwide Counter-Jihad movement? Click on RUP's party song.

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