Wednesday, August 28, 2013

African American Muslim man arrested for alleged terrorist threats to Jewish Synagogue in... wait for it... here it comes... NORTH DAKOTA!!
From Eric Dondero: 

Holy Shit! You know it's getting bad when radical Muslims are turning up in of all friggin' places - Fargo! And a Jew-hating Hitler-like anti-Semite no less. 

From "Man charged with threatening Fargo synagogue":
A man is facing federal civil rights and threats charges after officials at the Department of Justice said he called the synagogue here and left a message suggesting he was affiliated with Hamas and claiming Islamic Jihad against the head of the synagogue. 

Dominique Jason Flanigan, 41, of Fargo, also known as Kadafi Al Sadar, was arraigned Monday on two counts of transmitting threatening communications and one count of interference with a federally protected activity, the highest count of which is a felony, according to court documents. 
Flanigan was arrested and is being held in the Cass County jail.
And here's exactly what he said. 

The recently unsealed indictment alleges Flanigan called Temple Beth El on Jan. 4, 2011, and said, “Yeah, I want to send a special message to the head of this synagogue. When I come back to Fargo, I’ll make sure you my number one list to come visit. I got a special package from Gaza I want to deliver to you from Hamas (profanity.) See about it (profanity), Islamic Jihad online.”


jimmyjones5 said...

A crazy person phoned in a threat? STOP THE PRESSES!

Eric Dondero said...

He doesn't look "crazy" to me. Maybe evil, yes, but crazy, not quite.

mitsukurina said...

He's had some weird run ins with the law before; one of which involved him throwing a koran through the window of the house of a man he'd quarreled with ... at a bar!

"after hearing the Muslim holy book crash through the window and the baby crying, the father went outside and was allegedly punched in the face and knocked to the ground by Flanigan, the police report stated. The fight ended when Flanigan allegedly struck the father with a for-sale sign."

jimmyjones5 said...

Now Eric can look at a person's picture and judge if they're crazy. Quite a talent. Kind of like when he looked at a picture of the sandy hook shooter's brother and decided he looked liberal.

mitsukurina said...

More interesting -- Senator Scott, the only black Senator (and GOP member) wasn't invited to speak at the MLK commemoration march.