Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Very close to calling it official: Major media in US and overseas now saying Morsi has been "over-thrown"


AP Analysis says Morsi ouster a "devastating blow" to Islamists

From Cliff Thies: 

France 24 reports Morsi has been over-thrown:

 Politico reports Obama administration throws Morsi under the bus: State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the U.S. "felt there was an absence of significant, specific steps" in Morsi's Tuesday night speech. "Unfortunately, that was not a part of what he talked about in his speech.....There's more that he needs to do..

 And this minutes ago from the AP...
Egypt was the centerpiece of the Islamist movement's vault to power in the Arab world's sweeping wave of uprisings. Winning election after election here, the Islamists vowed to prove they could govern effectively and implement their vision of political Islam, all while embracing the rules of democracy. 
Mohammed Morsi was their pillar: the veteran of the Muslim Brotherhood, the region's oldest and most prestigious political Islamist group, who became Egypt's first freely elected president. 
That is what makes his ouster after barely a year in office, with a gigantic cross-section of Egypt's population demanding he go, such a devastating blow to Islamists on multiple levels, not only in Egypt but across a tumultuous region. (Emphasis added.)
H/t - regular LR reader Chuck from Georgia.


Rational Nation USA said...

We shall see. Hopefully it is true, it seems the Islamists have long term staying power.

Gary said...

He campaigned as a "moderate". Again, there is no such creature. You are either for or against something.

Chuck said...

"it seems the Islamists have long term staying power."

The Egyptian army is the only constant. This was inevitable.