Monday, July 15, 2013

News site that broke the Bob Menendez scandal surpasses Politico, NPR in viewership

From Eric Dondero: 

Tucker Carlson is a proud papa. New ratings have just come out from Quantcast, that ranks traffic for top sites ranging from news sites to governmental outlets. The libertarian-conservative Daily Caller is now up at #275 with 3,912,000 unique visitors. That happens to be significantly better than liberal Politico coming in at #315. It's also well above taxpayer-subsidized NPR which comes in at #352. Daily Caller also beat AARP, USAToday, the New Yorker, and shockingly, the BBC! 

From the DailyCaller, (which in our humble view, deserves every right to boast about their tremendous growth):
“We founded The Daily Caller because we were confident that there was a massive audience of online readers tired of the same old conventional (and usually liberal) Washington coverage,” said Neil Patel, Publisher and CEO. “Passing a much larger staffed, older and better funded outfit like Politico after only three years proves our vision. Influential readers, both inside and outside the Beltway, are incorporating The Daily Caller in ever-increasing numbers into their regular media rotation to ensure that they get a complete picture of the news.”
Recall, DC broke the Bob Menendez sex scandal stories in mid-October 2012, which the mainstream media refused to even acknowledge. In a series of articles, DC found that Democrat Sen. Menendez had visited with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, including (allegedly) underage and male prostitutes. Sites like Politico and NPR til this day, refuse to report on the Menendez story, choosing rather to publish regular puff pieces on the wonderful legislative work of the NJ Senator.

Exit comment - As amazing as it is that Tucker is beating Politico, it's even more amazing he's beating long-standing NPR, and the decades old British Broadcasting Corp.  Hell, the BBC's been around since the friggin' 1920s!

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jimmyjones5 said...

Wait a minute. BBC started their website back in the 1920s? Talk about ahead of the times!