Monday, July 1, 2013

London police enforce Muslims Only, No Go Zone for native Brits

"This is year 2013 London" -- Tommy Robinson 

Sky News reports, "EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Released On Bail":
"Police had been tracking the walk across London and had regularly spoken to them about their route. "The EDL leaders had been warned not to go past a large mosque in east London or enter the borough of Tower Hamlets. 
"As they approached the boundary of the borough they were warned again by officers who told them they may be arrested." 
Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll repeatedly asked if they would actually be arrested before another man approached the pair and assaulted Mr Carroll. Parmenter said: " 
As police officers tried to deal with the situation the EDL leaders continued to walk forward and then a senior policewoman placed the pair under arrest."
Editor's note - Tommy, you got the date wrong. It's actually Year 1984 London.

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