Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another burka bandit in the UK

previous burka bandit in the UK
Police officials identify the suspect as a "white guy"

From the "Man in burkha robs Bacup bank
A MAN dressed in a burkha robbed a bank in Bacup yesterday afternoon, fleeing with cash. The man walked into the Barclays bank, in Market Street, at around 3.10pm and demanded money from the cashier.
 The female cashier handed over an amount of money and the man left the bank. It is not believed the robber was armed during the incident and nobody was injured, although the member of staff was left shaken.
The suspect is described as white, of medium build and around 5ft 9ins or 10ins tall. He was wearing a burkha and white trainers and was carrying a white, plastic Co-op carrier bag.
Editor's comment - How in the bloody hell do they know that the suspect is white? No socks? Slit too big over his face, under the burka? Perhaps a case of reverse racial profiling; police so anxious not to blame Muslims, they put the word out that the suspect is white. 

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