Friday, June 14, 2013

Wendy's employee sucks vanilla ice cream straight out of the funnel

“[Spitting into the food of white customers at a hotel in Greenville, South Carolina] gave me a psychological gratification.” Source: Jesse Jackson, as quoted in a November 1969 Life magazine article, as quoted in The Death of Right and Wrong, by Tammy Bruce, 2003, page 144.

From Eric Dondero: 

PR disaster for America's third largest fast food chain. African-American employee sucks out vanilla ice cream out of the very same funnel that other customers will soon be receiving their ice cream. Jesse Jackson-like political statement?

From Twitter (via Michelle Malkin's Twitchy):
AmericanAllegiance ™ @US_Allegiance LMAO! RT @politicsofamy: Wendy's worker enjoying a Frosty
Wendy's Corp. Tweets:
Wendy's ✔ @Wendys @Tha_MBJ Totally inexcusable. This involved one restaurant and the employee is no longer there. We’re reinforcing proper procedures.
EEOC lawsuit against Wendy's on behalf of the fired employee, from Holder & Co. in the works?? 


mitsukurina said...

Probably as politically motivated as the guy who was sacked after photographing himself licking a stack of taco bell taco shells.

Ex-Dissident said...

I am not sure how big a deal this incident at Wendy's is. Even if his mouth touched the funnel, the fact that ice cream comes out rather than going in, prevents contamination of the ice cream inside. Another factor that prevents food contamination is that this cream is held in a very cold container and bacteria won't grow at that temperature. Lastly, it doesn't have to be sterile; your mouth is not sterile.

Rational Nation USA said...

This is true. But never let a opportunity like this excape political manipulation.

The employee is history, and the termination will be deemed non actionable should it be pursued by the ex employee.

Next Eric...

Chuck said...

Gee whiz. Why make this some racial bullshit? Kids working in fast food joints do this kind of shit and always have. Buyer beware.

Chuck said...

African American employee? What the fucking fuck, Eric? We're all just people.

Holy shit.

Chuck said...

BTW: Wendy's has ice cream? I thought they just had the Frosty dealio. I don't eat fast food, so I'm a little behind the curve here.

Eric Dondero said...

Dude, this was straight out of the Jesse Jackson playbook; no different from Jackson spitting in "white people's" food when he worked at a restaurant as a teenager in SC.

Eric Dondero said...

Dude, this was straight out of the Jesse Jackson playbook; no different from Jackson spitting in "white people's" food when he worked at a restaurant as a teenager in SC.

Chuck said...

Or a white kid spitting in a cop's food or just some teenager acting like a piece of shit in general.

Playbook? What the fuck, Eric? You're into "niggers have nigger cooties" territory here. Cut it the fuck out, man. There are certain kinds of people who'd be mortified by that drinking from the hose pic, but they aren't anyone I want to know.

We're all just people. Same genome.

John Morris said...

Eric, your take on this is absurd. I worked in fast food restaurants and yes I saw things like this happen.

Ex-Dissident said...

I agree with the other comments here, in that I don't read racist overtones in this particular photo. I do think the guy was an idiot for having a photo taken of himself drinking from the funnel. I also think that many, if not most fast food employees tried this trick. Jackson's quote speaks more about Jackson than about other black restaurant employees. Certainly some are racist jerks like Jackson, but some are just dumb teenagers.

With the idiot in the photo, if I was a manager of that Wendy's, I would can him because you cannot afford the sort of publicity his stunt would bring.

Speaking of drinking cold stuff from the funnel to get a brain freeze, have you seen the movie Encino Man?

Chuck said...

Let us not conflate the two.
Jesse Jackson is a fucking Klansman. The kid in the pic is just a kid being a kid. Irresponsible? Hell yes. Racially motivated nigger-cootie versus pristine whitey mouth campaign? Not likely.