Monday, June 17, 2013


First time a GOPer has won a seat in this district since Richard Nixon era

From Eric Dondero: 

Meet Sam Belsito. He owns a tuxedo shop in Vernon, Connecticut. 

And as the HartfordCourant reports, "For GOP, The Comeback Begins In Tolland":
To Republicans, this week's special election for a state House seat in rural northeastern Connecticut was a referendum on Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's budgetary policies. To gun rights advocates, the race turned on the politics of the 2nd Amendment.
Republican Sam Belsito, a longtime Tolland (on the map) resident who owns a tuxedo shop in nearby Vernon, beat Democrat Anthony Horn of Ashford by about 17 percentage points, according to unofficial results from Tuesday night. 
It marks the first time the 53rd District has been won by a Republican since 1972.  (Emphasis added.)
"It was a decisive victory in a solid [Democratic] district,'' Republican party chairman Jerry Labriola said. Republicans are still vastly outnumbered by Democrats in the House – they hold just 53 of 151 seats – but Belsito's win signifies that "there is hope," Labriola said.
Hmmn? Like the black Democrats switching to Republican in the deep South, there's been little if any national media coverage of Belsito win in CT. Something tells us, if a Democrat had won a legislative seat in a deeply Republican area, it'd be all over CNN, AP, HuffPo, MSNBC, CBS,


Rational Nation USA said...

In CT. like in MA, a win like this really is insignificant.

Chuck said...


Rational Nation USA said...

Because the overwhelming majority of democrats. MA might as well be a one party state . CT is not far behind.

Chuck said...

Gee whiz, dude. I'm throwing you a rope here, and you refuse to grab it.

1. Might as well be a one party state
2. Someone from the other party wins
3. Insignificant

Are we waiting for a comic book hero here?

Rational Nation USA said...

No. Just a realist. On the grand scale of things it really is not very significant. Because it won't change anything.

Pick up 40 seats. then yeah, very significant.

John Morris said...

This is the deal, CT is sick but we only have two choices. Either we fight to be competitive in at least some of these states without compromising on basic issues- or we split the country in two or more parts and let the assholes rot.

Right now this is a state where we can gain some ground.