Saturday, June 8, 2013

Public school officials demand 3-year old deaf child named "Hunter" change his name

by Clifford F. Thies 

Public school officials at Grand Island, Nebraska, are demanding that a 3-year deaf child change his name because the American Sign Language depiction of his name looks too much like a "finger pistol."

Here is the Sign for "Hunting" and its derivatives, including the child's name, "Hunter."

(No, not that one in the photo.  The one at the link)

As you can see, the Sign does indeed involves forming two finger pistols and shooting them, like in a 1950s cowboy movie. Hence, the child's name is forbidden by the school zero intelligence policy regarding guns. 

The ACLU and the American Association of the Deaf have joined in the defense of this child, but the unionized Democrat fascists at the Department of Indoctrination are sticking by their guns.

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Chuck said...

Once again proving the the dumbest and likely most corrupt people in this country are running public schools.