Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mon dieu. Incroyable!! French far right polling in a precise tie with conservatives, socialists, 21 - 21 - 21

Le Pen rallies right-libertarians and pro-sovereignty conservatives against the tyranny of the EU and Hollande's  multicultural socialist welfare-state

From Eric Dondero: 

Nationwide municipal elections in a few months. Additionally, France will hold elections for the European Parliament. And it appears that Marine Le Pen's anti-Islamist/pro-French sovereignty National Front party, is poised for enormous gains.

From theLocal, June 5, "French far-right as popular as major parties":
The survey revealed that the far-right National Front, the governing Socialist party, and the main centre-right opposition UMP were neck-and-neck on exactly 21 percent each of public support. 
Public opinion firm Ifop, along with right-leaning weekly magazine Valeurs Actuelles asked respondents to choose from a series of party lists, with specific named leaders, “if the European elections were to take place next Sunday.”
Some 21 percent chose the Socialist Party, led by Party President Harlem Désir, the same percentage of support given to both the UMP, led by Jean-François Copé and the National Front, led by Marine Le Pen. 
Just nine percent chose the ‘Front de gauche’ (Leftist Front), led by 2012 presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon.
The pro-Western Civilization, British blog notes:
The build-up in support for the Front National was highlighted by a march of thousands of supporters through activists marched in Paris on May 1. The march is held every year to celebrate national hero Joan of Arc. 
Ms Le Pen, a fervent critic of the European Union, in a speech after the march in front of Paris’s famed opera building, said France had “shut itself away in the darkness of Europe.” 
Since his election last May 6, Hollande’s approval rating has fallen faster and further than any other president’s since the founding of France’s Fifth Republic in 1958.
Photo - NF Member of Parliament Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (niece of Marine Le Pen).


Chuck said...

The EU is destined to fall apart. The question is how ugly it will be.

mitsukurina said...

"When I pointed out that in the U.S. she would sound like a left-wing politician, she shot back, “Yes, but Obama is way to the right of us,”

Some libertarian, some conservative.

Chuck said...

"Yes, but Obama is way to the right of us,”

There is no one to Brakabama's left. He's a fucking Stalinist. I think you're confused, mistrdavinka. His rhetoric is American. His actions are Soviet.

mitsukurina said...

Chuck, that's what Marie Le Pen -- who Eric thinks is a libertarian -- had to say, read the article.

She says that she is to Obie's left.

That's who Eric is promoting; someone who thinks that Obie is right wing.

Eric Dondero said...

Dude, come closer to your computer you little fucking weasel. Listen to what I'm about to tell you.

Come closer now...

Little big closer...


Marine Le Pen is 100% LIBERTARIAN on the most IMPORTANT ISSUE OF THE DAY!!!

She's moderately pro-free market. She's wholly anti-nanny-state. AND 100% AGAINST POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Is she a principled libertarian all around? Hardly.

But a moderate to conservative, with a libertarian streak, most fucking definitely.

Chuck said...

She says that she is to Obie's left."


Reality is what it is. Rhetoric is what it is. I never confuse the two. You can't turn the moon into the sun with your keyboard. Neither can I.

Let us dispense with cheap, easy bullshit. Shall we?

The French are first and foremost French. They're proud of being Galls. They have their problems and their history (good and bad) but they admit to being French. We could learn from them in that regard.

Chuck said...

Is everyone but Eric too lazy to write a goddam link?

href=It's not that difficult.

Rational Nation USA said...

Stalinist, as usual a pile of lying shit.

What a waste of good oxygen you are Chuckles.

mitsukurina said...

"Reality is what it is. Rhetoric is what it is. I never confuse the two. You can't turn the moon into the sun with your keyboard. Neither can I."

The two of you can fool yourselves that the FN aren't just socialists -- racist socialists sure -- but socialists nonetheless if you like; I really don't much care. I think its rather funny though that you are both so staggeringly ignorant about European politics yet arrogantly assume that you're not.

You should both just be honest and say that you'd rather the FN (an openly leftist party) beat the French right since you reckon that Len Pen hates muslims more than the rightists do. Its a valid position -- just not a libertarian one.

Still can't work out why Eric thinks he's a libertarian. I can only assume its because he doesn't really understand the word. He's a bit like the Otto character in a Fish Called Wanda: dumb as dirt but sure he's a big brain.

luca panico said...

Eric,do you think that Hitler, Mussolini, and Francisco Franco (politicians that inspires Marine Le Pen) were libertarians?

Eric Dondero said...

why do I think I'm a libertarian?

Hmmn. Let me ponder that one for a bit.

Maybe has a little something to do with the fact that I served on the Libertarian National Committee for two years in the 1980s?

Served as Ron Paul's righthand man and personal aide for 12 years.

Founded the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Or, might have something to do with the fact that I favor legalization of drugs, repeal of seat belt laws, lowering the drinking age to 18, abolishing the IRS, a return to the gold standard, ending the EPA, eliminating the Dept. of Educ. legalizing gambling and prostitution, and ending all foreign aid to all nations, including Israel.

Might have a little something to do with all that.

Eric Dondero said...

Hitler was a liberal. Mussolini and to a lesser extent Franco, were fascists. Franco more of a Catholic militarist.

Le Pen is an anti-fascist. She opposes Muslim Sharia Law. She doesn't want pretty French girls, like her gorgeous niece (in the photo) to be forced to wear ugly black burkas from head to toe.

Hitler embraced Islam. The Grand Mufti was his best fuckin' friend. They were united in their passion to eliminate worldwide Jewry.

And Hitler was a nanny-stater to boot. (no pun intended.) He hated beer. He hated meat eaters. One of his first acts as Chancelor was to attempt to ban smoking.

Le Pen herself IS A FUCKING SMOKER and she drinks like a fish. Cusses like a sailor incidentally. She's consistently pro-free speech all around.

Eric Dondero said...

Hey Luca, is Ron Paul like Hitler?

Reason I ask is because couple years back, Marine Le Pen said Paul was her absolute "favorite" American politician. She modeled her campaign after the Ron Paul Revolution. She came to the U.S. during her campaign specifically to meet with Paul. They met, and she found him greatly inspiring. They discussed a gold standard and ending the Federal Reserve.

Eric Dondero said...

Mitsurkina, perhaps you didn't hear me before.


Opposing Islam-fascism is the ultimate anti-fascist stance in today's world.

luca panico said...

I am against Islamic fundamentalism, not against Islam as a religion.
One of the precepts that a libertarian should always follow is that of religious freedom for all.
As for Marine Le Pen, I find it absurd that a true libertarian like you support a politician who wants to increase public spending (increase even more the leviathan French), impose protectionist measures and make more inflation turning back to the franc

Eric Dondero said...

point by point.

Yes, I fiercely oppose Marine's position on free trade. She is wrong. She is a protectionist. And it pains me that she takes this position.

That said, the issue of IslamoFascism is 1,000 times, no scratch that, 1 million times more important than free trade.

What good is commerce if our throats are slit?

Eric Dondero said...

I am not at all convinced that she's a big spender. She's a spender in some areas, in other areas, she wants to cut back.

She's middle-of-the-road on economics. Seems to me, she doesn't care about eco issues at all. Her main platform is opposing political correctness, opposing Muslim immigration into France, and opposing Islamism.

Eric Dondero said...

She's actually quite Ron Paulist on foreign policy advocting a zeroing out of French foreign aid.

I would think you'd like that.

Eric Dondero said...

On Islam, as I've said before, it is getting increasingly, increasingly, increasingly more difficult day by day to disassociate Islam from radical Islam. At this point, June 10, 2013, you have to say they are both the same, indistinguishable with a tiny few exceptions.

(Perhaps the Ahmadi sect in Indonesia, and a few scattered secular Muslims living in Canada, and that's about it.)

Eric Dondero said...

With that said, was it right to say we were at War with Germany in 1942?

Was it absolutely necessary for us to be in the modifier "Nazi" Germany, just because of the existence of a very tiny sect of Germans who were opposed to Hitler?

At some point, when the population reaches over 97 to 98% support for a dictator or a totalitarian ideology, it gets rather redundant to change the nomenclature just because of the existence of a very tiny sect of dissenters.

And rather tiresome indeed.

Eric Dondero said...

I find it rather curious that you and your Ron Paulist friends, always seem to avoid nanny-state issues like beer and pub regulations, smoking bans, political correctness ect...

Guess such issues don't fit your template.

I'd dare say UMP and most certainly Holland and the Socialists are on the wrong side of practically every nanny-state issue out there.

Marine is a proud smoker. She chugs beer. She speaks her mind. She tells people to "fuck off." THAT'S THE ESSENCE OF LIBERTARIANISM.

And if you cannot see that, you are either blind or a fucking retard.

Eric Dondero said...

I also find it curious that you have nothing to say about her niece Marion.

Look at this chic. She's a total babe, and flaunts her sexuality. Look at her pointy tittys eeking out of the tight little blouse she's wearing.


She dresses like that to say to the Muslims in the Nation FUCK YOU ASSHOLES, I'LL DRESS WHATEVER FUCKING WAY I WANT.

But you Luca, could care less about sexual liberty issues. Doesn't fit your template, so you ignore it.

mitsukurina said...

"I also find it curious that you have nothing to say about her niece Marion.

Look at this chic. She's a total babe, and flaunts her sexuality. Look at her pointy tittys eeking out of the tight little blouse she's wearing."

Christ man, you are arguing that we should vote for leftist Le Pen because she has an attractive nice?!

That's the language of the playground. I'm not going to vote for a candidate because she's pretty or because she has a pretty relative.

Chuck said...

"Stalinist, as usual a pile of lying shit."

Brakabama appreciates your slavish support, jimmy/less.

Good little boy. Keep up the good work for your party, shitstain.

Jared Goldstein said...

What about Nick Griffin of the far-right British National Party? He is probably the most anti-Islam politician in the UK and is constantly campaigning against growing Islamic influence there. He proudly claims the BNP is "the only party which in the clashes between Israel and Gaza supported Israel's right to deal with Hamas terrorists." He is strong on civil liberties.

Like Le Pen, he's a protectionist, and also like her, he is fiscally to the left of the socialist party in his country (in this case, the British Labour Party.) Like her, he supports a strong welfare state and wants to tax the wealthy more.

Nick Griffin is also vehemently anti-black (does not consider blacks genuinely British), a "former" Holocaust denier and "used to" believe Zionist influence is a main reason for the heavy Islamic immigration in Europe.

But, hey, it doesn't matter, after all:


Nick Griffin is 100% LIBERTARIAN on the most IMPORTANT ISSUE OF THE DAY!!!

In that case, the liberty movement in Europe must be doing immensely well, right?
After all, they have the Front National, the BNP (and its offshoot, the EDL), Vlaams Belang, the Freedom Party of Austria, the Sweden Democrats, the True Finns, the Popular Orthodox Rally, the Slovak National Party, Lega Nord, United Poland...