Thursday, June 20, 2013

Germany disaster for Obama: A couple photos say it all
From 200,000 in 2008, to a mere 4,000 or so in 2013

by Clifford F. Thies 

The numbers are dramatic. A crowd of 200,000 back in 2008. A "crowd" of 4,000 this year. 

 But, the AP photo says it all. (The same news agency whose phone records were seized by the Obama administration.)
Obama and his entourage behind the plexiglass, with the expansive courtyard of the Brandenburg Gate empty in the background, and the polite, invitation-only crowd in the foreground. 

Having nothing to say about anything current, Obama blathered on about nuclear weapons. 
While trimming the already reduced size of our conventional forces, and squandering the defense budget on one after another billion dollar boondoggles in contracts with crony capitalists, and spending $80 billion on a massive, worldwide data-mining effort. 

Oh, and while leading from behind in Syria making kiss-face with the new President of Iran, which is fast developing a nuclear capability and seeking to negotiate a "face-saving" surrender in Afghanistan.


mitsukurina said...
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mitsukurina said...

Cue for Jimmy to tell people that Germans are Nazis and Cliff didn't see combat.