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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Explosive Democrat Scandal out of New Mexico: Dem operatives (allegedly) hacked into Republican Governor Susana Martinez's emails, passed them along to higher-ups

From Eric Dondero: 

Admittedly, this all is very hard to follow.  It reads almost like a lengthy spy novel.  I've read countless articles on this, and still I haven't been able to connect all the dots. The video above fills in a lot of details for the exploding Democrat scandal out of New Mexico. 

From the description, YouTube:
A former campaign manager for Governor Susana Martinez indicted on federal charges. Martinez telling New Mexico tonight, she suspected Jamie Estrad
a (photo) was shady, and now this is proof!
And this critical information from NewMexicoWatchdog:
In a separate affidavit, Special Agent Boady claims that “in a review of the evidence seized from Estrada’s residence, numerous text messages, chat conversations, and emails were identified between Estrada, (another former Martinez employee named Anissa Galassini-Ford) and Jason Loera, which confirm that Ford, Estrada and Jason Loera, know each other and communicate on a regular basis.” (Emphasis added.)
It appears that Loera may in fact, have been a Democrat infiltrator in the Republican Party, there with the specific intent of gathering intelligence on Martinez, and other Republican elected officials. He then passed that on to his buddies, Galassini-Ford and Loera.  And in the midst of all this, FBI investigators stumble onto his extensive child porn collection.

It should be noted that according to NewMexicoWatchdog, Leora is a former staffer for current, U.S. Rep Ben Ray Luj├ín, D-New Mexico (photo). Lujan himself is a bit of a shady character.  A far-leftist congressman, first elected in 2008, he's been mired in controversies in state politics, including questionable ethics.

Does the trail lead to a US Congressman, perhaps to the DNC?? 

Exit question - Why in the bloody hell is this not a national news story? So far, only the right blogosphere and a couple mainstream right news sites, have bothered to cover it. This is a potential 2016 Republican Presidential candidate here. Certainly that's a major news angle to the story?

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randian said...

Why in the bloody hell is this not a national news story?

I assume that's rhetorical.