Saturday, June 8, 2013

Did the IRS target The Villages in Fla. because the community is predominately white and Republican?

IRS harassment of The Villages started right around the time Sarah Palin had a monster 2008 rally of 70,000

From Eric Dondero:

It was October 2008. Sarah Palin was under fire from NBC News and other liberal media. Women were fainting at Obama campaign rallies. He was getting crowds of upwards of 50,000 to 60,000. Sarah Palin came to The Villages, a mostly white with a large Jewish population retirement community near Ocala. In what was to be the very largest McCain/Palin rally of the 2008 campaign estimates of over 70,000 supporters came out to see her. 

Now, 5 years later, we learn that just a few months after Palin's visit, the IRS started proceedings against the massive retirement complex. It's a complicated tale. But very briefly, The Villages tried to describe itself as an autonomous community, a city if you will. That allowed them to sell sort of municipal bonds that were later used for the expansion of the community. Lawyers for the community argued that the bonds should be tax free. The IRS, of course, sharply disagreed. 

From the Orlando Sentinel:
The developer, his family members and employees are among the largest contributors nationally to the Republican Party, its causes and committees. They kicked in at least $11.6 million in the last 13 years, including $2.4 million alone in the 2012 election cycle, according to, an organization that tracks contributions. 
Servadio retired to care for his ailing wife, and the case got bounced around to various agents of the IRS in different cities... Morse, his three children and The Villages itself donated a total of $180,000 to Let's Get to Work, a political-action committee whose millions in contributions are expected to help [Republican Rick] Scott get re-elected in 2014.
Republicans with a Jewish lawyer

From Businessweek, June 6:
The company that developed The Villages is controlled by Gary Morse and his family. Morse is a prominent GOP donor at the federal and state levels 
The Internal Revenue Service is questioning hundreds of millions worth of bonds issued by a sprawling Central Florida retirement community built by a major Republican donor. 
The IRS has been embroiled in a dispute with The Villages for several years over whether community development districts used to help create the enclave an hour north of Orlando deserved tax-exempt status. 
The latest answer from the IRS is still no.
Perry Israel, a bond attorney representing the district, said the options include getting the IRS to change the decision or asking bondholders to pay the taxes..."I'm concerned that the IRS appears to be making new law through an enforcement process," Israel said. 
Editor's comment - Of course, with everything that is now known, the question arises, if The Villages weren't so heavily Republican, would the IRS have been more willing to rule in their favor?


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