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Saturday, May 25, 2013

And yet another poll shows Tea Party popularity on the rise...

At 44%, 14 points up from January, according to Rasmussen 

Via NewsMax:
The latest survey by Rasmussen Reports found that 44 percent of likely voters have a favorable opinion of the tea party, up 14 percentage points from January. Urgent: Is Obama Telling the Truth on IRS, Benghazi Scandals? It is still down, however, from a high of 51 percent in April 2009, when the movement first rose up to protest President Barack Obama's spending policies. The same figure, — 44 percent of likely voters — also said they view the tea party unfavorably, but that is five percentage points lower than earlier this year.
Editor's note - Meanwhile, there's now serious talk of Tea Party darling Sarah Palin running for US Senate in Alaska in 2014.  Good timing?


Rational Nation USA said...

Well, if nothing else at least there will be a pretty face in the senate should she win.

That and a lot of cackle, cackle, cackle...

mitsukurina said...

Shes a mindless quitter; lets she someone with a brain make the run. Let Sarha stick to making money with shitty reality TV.