Thursday, March 7, 2013

Turkish Muslim high school kids in interview, "satisfied" with what Hitler did to the Jews

"Hitler must have had a reason" said the boys 

From the, "Turkish Youth in Holland: Hitler Should Have Killed All the Jews (video)":
A television interview of young Turkish Muslim immigrants eagerly discussing their hatred of Jews was aired in February on a television station in Holland. 
Dutch audiences did not initially react, but after the Finnish media site Tundra Tabloids put English subtitles on a video of it this week, people elsewhere have begun to take notice. 
The video is one of an interview by a PhD student, Mehmet Sahin, with a group of Muslim Turkish immigrant high school boys. Sahin’s goal is to determine how “indoctrinated” with hatred towards Jews (and others) Turkish immigrant youth are, and whether the indoctrination can be reversed. Sahin is a student at VU university in Amsterdam. The clip opens after the session has already begun. 
The topic is Anne Frank, and one boy says she was murdered in WWII. Another one of the boys yells out: “No! She died from Typhus after the war ended.” 
Then a lanky red-haired boy smilingly shares the first of his many statements appreciative of Hitler’s goals, methods and success: “I am satisfied with what Hitler did with the Jews.”
When pressed to give a reason for their hatred, the boys state as fact that Jews “killed millions of Palestinians in Gaza,” and that Jews “steal other people’s country.” 
From a psychological perspective, it is fascinating to watch as one adult in the room tries to explain to the boys that Hitler wanted to kill the Jews because they “looked different,” and that “there were not many Muslims in Europe then, but otherwise…,” obviously shepherding them towards identifying with the victims, rather than the villain. 
No, the boys insist that “Hitler must have had a reason.”
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Doom said...

I wonder if he realizes, that as Europe becomes a harder socialism, and that most Jews are gone, that his kind are next on the block? As much as I think they belong to a murder blood cult, I don't even approve of their genocide, I merely note that it is coming. Odd when the shoe is on the other foot the argument fails, innit?